how to adjust speed of time lapse on iphone


What video editing software would be best for making a time lapse video with an iPhone?

How to adjust the speed of time lapse on iPhone

Time lapse photography is a technique that involves capturing photos over a long period of time and then compressing them into a video. This creates a stunning effect when watching the video, as you can see a whole day, sunset or plant growing in just a few seconds.

But sometimes, the default speed of time lapse on iPhone might not be fast enough or too fast for your project. Fortunately, you can easily adjust the speed of time lapse on your iPhone to fit your desired effect.

Step 1: Open the Camera app

Launch your iPhone’s camera app and swipe left to select the time lapse mode. You’ll notice that the time lapse icon on the screen looks like a clock icon with a moving arrow around it.

Step 2: Choose your subject and settings

Once you’re in the time lapse mode, you can choose your subject and adjust the settings according to your preference. For instance, you can change the focus and exposure by tapping on your subject or dragging the slider on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Adjust the time interval

The time interval determines how often the camera takes photos. By default, iPhone captures a photo every 0.5 seconds. However, you can adjust this interval to make it faster or slower.

To do this, tap on the time interval icon located on the bottom of the screen. You’ll see several options to choose from, ranging from 0.1 seconds to 2 seconds. Choose a time interval that suits your project and your desired effect.

Step 4: Start recording the time lapse

Once you have adjusted your settings to your liking, tap on the record button to start recording the time lapse. It’s important to keep your iPhone steady during the recording to avoid shaky footage.

Step 5: Edit and share your time lapse

After recording the time lapse, you can edit it using the Photos app on your iPhone. Trim the footage, add music or adjust the speed further to suit your project. Finally, you can share your time lapse video on social media or save it to your device for later use.


Adjusting the speed of time lapse on iPhone is a straightforward process that can help you create stunning time-lapse videos that capture the essence of your project. Follow the steps above to adjust the time interval and record your time lapse before editing and sharing it with others.

If you want to capture images of moving objects such as plants and clouds in a faster speed on your iPhone camera, then using the time lapse feature is the way to go. This feature will take multiple frames of the object at certain intervals and then speed it up when playing back. With this feature, you can adjust the speed of the playback and experiment with different speeds of the time lapse video. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Start your Camera app on your iPhone. Tap the Time Lapse option and begin recording a time lapse video.

2. When the time lapse has finished recording, head on over to your Photos app to edit your video.

3. From the Photos app, select the time lapse video that you want to adjust the speed of.

4. Tap the Edit button located at the bottom left corner of the video.

5. From the editing screen, select the Speed button which looks like a lightning bolt.

6. You can now adjust the speed of the time lapse video by either reducing the speed of the video to half its original speed or increasing it to 2x its original speed.

7. When you’re done adjusting the speed, just press Done and that’s it!

By using this simple process, you can adjust the speed of your time lapse videos to your desired results. Experimenting with different speeds can help you capture dynamic scenes in spectacular videos. For the best results, always make sure to use a tripod or a stable platform when capturing a time lapse. So, grab your phone and have some fun with time lapse videos!

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