how to add a song to iphone video


What do you need to consider before adding a song to an iPhone video?

How to Add a Song to iPhone Video

Adding a song to an iPhone video can upgrade the overall quality of your content. Whether you’re creating a music video or simply enhancing a personal clip, adding a song can create a more engaging viewing experience.

This guide will show you how to add a song to your iPhone video using the iMovie app.

Step 1: Import the Video to iMovie

The first step is to import your video to the iMovie app. Open the iMovie app and select the “Projects” tab. Then click on the “+” icon in the top right corner to create a new project.

Select “Movie” as the project type and then select the video you want to add the song to from your camera roll by tapping on the “Media” button. Once you’ve selected your video, tap “Create Movie.”

Step 2: Add Your Song to the Timeline

Next, select the video in the timeline at the bottom of the iMovie app. You’ll see a yellow line with two brackets on either side appear. Move the brackets so they are positioned where you want the song to begin and end.

Once you’ve marked the section, click on the “+” icon again. Select “Audio” and then select the song you want to add from your music library. The song will now appear in the timeline next to your video.

Step 3: Adjust the Audio Levels

After adding the song to the timeline, you may notice that it’s too loud or too soft compared to the video’s audio. To adjust the audio levels, click on the song in the timeline and select the volume icon that looks like a speaker.

You’ll see a slider that you can adjust to make the song louder or softer. You can also choose to fade the song in or out using the “Fade Audio” option.

Step 4: Export Your Video

Once you’ve finished editing your video, select the “Done” button in the top left corner. You’ll be prompted to choose the video size you want to export, as well as the quality and compression settings.

After choosing your settings, select “Save Video” to export your new video with the added song. Your new video will be saved to your camera roll, ready to share or upload.


Adding a song to your iPhone video is a simple process that can elevate the overall quality of your content. By using the iMovie app, you can easily import your video, add your song, adjust audio levels, and export a final product that’s ready to share or upload. So why not try this out the next time you’re creating a video on your iPhone?

With modern technology, it is now incredibly easy to add a song to an iPhone video. Whether you want to dub a song over a video, complete with a choreography, or simply want to add the perfect background to a highlight video, here’s how to do it.

First, open the Photos app and select the video you want to use. There will be an option at the bottom of the screen which reads “Edit.” Tap this and you will be transported to a new page with a variety of editing options.

One of the sections is labeled “Music,” and this is the one you will need to use to add a song to your iPhone video. Tap this and you will be able to access the Apple Music library as well as your own music. Once you’ve found the desired track, tap it and it will begin playing.

The song will play in the background of your iPhone video, and you can adjust the starting and ending points to get a customised result. With this, you can even choose to have the song start only at a certain point within the video – for example, after the main action has taken place.

To apply the sound, simply tap on the “Done” button when you’re happy with the result. This will ensure that the song is properly added to the iPhone video, and that you can save and share the finished product.

Now that you know how to add a song to an iPhone video, you can create stunning video projects and really bring to life the story you’re trying to tell. Have fun and experiment with the editing tools available to you – you might just create something wonderful.

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