how much to fix iphone 11 pro max screen


What is the typical cost to repair an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen?

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen?

As much as we love our iPhones, accidents can happen, and one of the most common mishaps is a shattered screen. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is no exception, and if your phone’s screen is cracked or broken, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to fix.

Apple’s Official Repair Costs

If your iPhone 11 Pro Max is still under warranty and the screen damage is due to a manufacturing defect, you may be able to get it fixed for free. However, if the damage is due to accidental damage, you’ll need to pay for the repair.

Apple’s official repair costs for an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement are as follows:

  • Out of Warranty: $329
  • AppleCare+: $29

AppleCare+ is Apple’s optional extended warranty that covers accidental damage, including a cracked screen, for up to two incidents. If you have AppleCare+ already, you’ll only need to pay $29 for a screen replacement. If not, you’ll have to shell out $329 for the repair.

Third-Party Repair Costs

If you don’t want to pay Apple’s high repair fees, you can opt for a third-party repair shop instead. Keep in mind that third-party repairs can void your warranty and potentially cause further damage to your device, so it’s important to choose a reputable repair shop.

Repair Shop Averages

The cost of a third-party screen replacement can vary depending on the type of repair shop you visit. Here are some average prices you can expect:

  • Small repair shops: $200-$300
  • Chain repair stores: $300-$400
  • Mail-in services: $150-$200

Small repair shops, such as local mom-and-pop stores, typically offer the cheapest screen replacement prices, but they may not have the necessary equipment or experience to properly repair your iPhone. Chain repair stores like uBreakiFix and CPR Cell Phone Repair offer more reliable repairs, but at higher costs. Mail-in services like iCracked and Puls offer convenience but do require you to mail in your device.

DIY Repair Costs

If you’re tech-savvy and don’t mind taking a risk, you can attempt to fix the screen yourself. The cost of a DIY repair typically ranges from $50-$100, depending on where you purchase the replacement parts.

However, DIY repairs are risky and can easily go wrong, potentially causing further damage to your phone and voiding your warranty. Unless you’re confident in your abilities, it’s best to leave this one to the professionals.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the cost to fix an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen can vary depending on where you go and what type of repair you choose. Apple’s official repair costs are the most expensive, but also the most reliable and warranty-protected. Third-party repair shops can offer cheaper repairs, but at the risk of voiding your warranty and potentially damaging your device further. DIY repairs are cheap but risky, and not recommended unless you’re confident in your abilities.

In any case, it’s always best to get your iPhone screen fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential safety hazards. And remember, prevention is key! Invest in a sturdy phone case and screen protector to protect your phone from accidents in the future.

As the latest release of Apple’s flagship series of iPhone devices, the iPhone 11 Pro Max offers users unparalleled features and capabilities. Unfortunately, due to its advanced features, it is vulnerable to all kinds of damages. One common and unavoidable problem is a damaged or broken screen. While a broken screen can unquestionably cause frustration and anxiety, fortunately, there are multiple ways to fix an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen.

The most obvious and probably most affordable way to fix a broken iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is to take it to an Apple Store, Apple Authorized Service Provider, or an independent repair shop. Generally, repair shops offer a range of services and varying prices. At any of these options, Apple technicians and staff are trained on how to properly diagnose, fix, and replace broken screens. All the parts and screens used for repairs are new and are certified for use by Apple. Depending on the solution and type of repair, Apple charges $199-279 plus tax for iPhone 11 Pro Max screen repair services.

Independent repair stores and shops may offer cheaper rates than Apple. However, one must consider if the quality, service, and personnel are up to the standard. As faulty parts and unprofessional repairs can cause even more damage and lead to costly repairs, it is important to make this decision carefully. Especially for a device such as an iPhone 11 Pro Max, the importance of quality repairs cannot be overstated.

DIY tends to be the cheapest, but messiest option – attempting to repair the broken screen manually. It is a good option for those people who have technical background, some tools and auto parts, and are willing to buy a new display and accompanying components. However, not only is it important to know how to properly operate on a phone, but also important to understand that this option is relatively risky and that the user assumes responsibility if the repair is unsuccessful or even creates further damage.

In conclusion, whether repairing an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen at an Apple Store or an independent shop or deciding on a DIY change, it is important to research the best option and understand all the aspects of the repairs. While the cost of repairing an iPhone 11 Pro Max may be high, the risks of not repairing it and compromising the safety of one’s phone should also be taken into consideration.

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