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How do I file a claim for AC repair under my car insurance?

Does Car Insurance Cover AC Repair?

Car insurance provides financial coverage for the damages and repairs caused by an accident or other covered events. However, it is important to note that not all damages and repairs are covered by car insurance policies. One common question that arises is, “Does car insurance cover AC repair?”

The short answer:

It depends on the cause of the AC malfunction. If the AC problem is the result of a covered event, such as a car accident or a theft of the vehicle, then car insurance is likely to cover the repair costs. However, if the AC damage is due to normal wear and tear or neglect, then car insurance will not cover the repair expenses.

What causes AC damage?

Air conditioning systems in cars are complicated and can be damaged by many factors, including:

  • Accident or collision
  • Electrical fault or short circuit
  • Faulty compressor or fan
  • Low refrigerant or refrigerant leak
  • Wear and tear due to age or use

How to know if the AC damage is covered by insurance?

If the air conditioning problem is the result of an accident or other covered event, then the AC repair cost will be covered by your car insurance. You will be required to file a claim and provide evidence of the damage either through photographs or a repair estimate from a mechanic.

If the AC damage is caused by normal wear and tear or neglect, you will have to pay for the repairs out of pocket. However, if you have an extended warranty or a separate mechanical breakdown insurance policy, it may cover the cost of repairs.


In summary, car insurance policies only cover AC repair costs if the damage is caused by a covered event such as a car accident or theft. If the damage is caused by normal wear and tear or neglect, then the repair cost is not covered by car insurance. It is always essential to read through your insurance policy to understand what your policy covers and what is excluded.

If your air conditioning system has malfunctioned, you may be wondering if your car insurance covers the repair costs. The answer will depend on the type of insurance you have and the specifics of the breakdown.

Firstly, your car insurance policy may include a component of mechanical breakdown coverage. This means that if you suffer a mechanical fault to your engine or any major component of the vehicle, you may be eligible for some financial assistance towards repairs. While covers can be comprehensive, it is often only applicable if you take out a specific policy.

In addition, there may be specific cover available for AC repair. This is usually offered as an optional add-on to a comprehensive insurance policy and will protect you in the event of any air conditioning related problems. Depending on your insurance provider, the cover may include parts, labour and diagnostic costs.

Finally, if you have a warranty provided with your vehicle, it is likely that you can use this as an alternative way to cover the cost of AC repairs. Warranties are often provided as a standard part of a new or used car and will typically cover any mechanical or electrical faults for a specified period.

In summary, car insurance does not always cover AC repair costs. However, depending on the type of policy you have, you may have the option to include specific cover or to use the warranty you have from the car manufacturer. It is worth checking with your insurance company and vehicle manufacturer to find out if you have access to this type of protection.

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