do it yourself unicorn costume


What materials are needed to make a DIY unicorn costume?

Do It Yourself Unicorn Costume

Are you looking for a fun and creative Halloween costume idea? Why not add a touch of magic and fantasy to your costume with a unicorn-inspired outfit? The best part? You can easily make your own DIY unicorn costume with just a few materials.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own enchanting unicorn costume:


  • White tutu skirt
  • White shirt
  • Giant rainbow colored pom-poms
  • Golden glitter glue
  • Pink and purple tulle
  • Fluffy white feathers
  • White headband


  1. Start by decorating your tutu skirt with rainbow pom-poms. Use the golden glitter glue to attach the pom-poms to the skirt evenly. You can create any pattern as per your choice.
  2. Add the pink and purple tulle in between the pom-poms for a dreamy effect. You can use needle and thread to attach the tulle or even tie it up with the pom-poms to the skirt.
  3. Now, use the glue to attach the fluffy white feathers to the bottom of the tutu. They will create a feathery finish that adds to the whimsical charm.
  4. Next, move on to the shirt. Add some rainbow pom-poms to the sleeves and neckline. You can even glue some pom-poms on the front of the shirt for added fun.
  5. To create the unicorn horn, take a cardboard paper and form it into a cone shape. Use the golden glitter glue to add a shimmery finish to the horn.
  6. Attach the unicorn horn to your white headband using a hot glue gun. You can add some colorful ribbons or flowers if you like.
  7. Put on your tutu and shirt, and complete the look with your crown of the unicorn horn headband.
  8. Now, you’re ready to enchant everyone with your magical unicorn costume.

Your DIY Unicorn costume is now complete! This simple yet, creative Halloween costume is sure to turn heads and will make you the star of the party. It’s a perfect costume for any age group who loves to explore fantasy and fun. You can even add additional accessories such as wings or colorful leggings to make it more fascinating.

Remember, Halloween celebrations are all about fun, creativity and a bit of magic. So, grab your DIY unicorn costume and make the most of the holiday season!

For anyone who dreams of becoming a unicorn for a day, a DIY unicorn costume is the perfect way to turn that dream into reality. There are many great looks you can achieve with just a few basic items and a bit of creativity.

To get started, you’ll need a plain white long-sleeved shirt, pair of white pants, and a white hoodie (we suggest going one size bigger than usual). You’ll also need body paint, glue, and craft materials such as felt and sequins.

Next, use the body paint to paint the entire outfit white. We suggest using a light, possibly iridescent color to create a shimmery, magical effect. The hoodie can be designed as a unicorn’s mane with felt or decorative sequin fabric glued onto it. You can also add fabric flowers, feathers, and other items to make the costume even more unique and special.

To complete the look, make a horn from a cardboard tube covered in foil or fabric. Use a hot glue gun to attach the horn to a headband or hat. Add plastic cups to the front ears for an extra special touch.

With a few simple steps, you can create a DIY unicorn costume for yourself or for someone special. This costume is sure to be a hit with anyone who admires the mystical creatures of the sky!

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