do it yourself spartan costume

do it yourself spartan costume

do it yourself

How can I find instructions for constructing a spartan costume?

DIY Spartan Costume

Step 1 – The Cape


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For the cape, you’ll need a piece of red fabric and some gold trim. Cut the fabric into a rectangle shape and hem the edges. Then, sew the gold trim along the bottom edge of the cape. Finally, add a gold clasp to fasten the cape around your neck.

Step 2 – The Tunic


The tunic is made from a simple white t-shirt. Cut off the sleeves and the bottom hem to create a straight edge. Then, cut a slit down the center of the shirt, stopping a few inches from the bottom. Fold the fabric back on each side of the slit and hem the edges. The result should be a tunic with a V-neck.

Step 3 – The Skirt


The skirt is made from a piece of brown fabric. Cut the fabric into a rectangle shape and wrap it around your waist, securing it with a brown belt. Cut a large slit on one side of the skirt for ease of movement.

Step 4 – The Shin Guards

shin guards

For the shin guards, you’ll need a piece of black foam and some gold paint. Cut the foam into a shape that covers your shins and attach elastic bands to keep them in place. Then, paint a Spartan design on the foam using gold paint.

Step 5 – The Helmet


The helmet is perhaps the most challenging part of the costume. For this, you’ll need a foam block, some red fabric, and gold paint. Cut the foam block into a helmet shape and attach a chin strap. Then, cover the helmet with red fabric and paint the Spartan design on the front using gold paint.