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Do it yourself

What materials or items are needed to make a DIY Snow White costume?

DIY Snow White Costume: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re planning to dress up as Snow White for this year’s Halloween or a themed party, don’t fret about spending a fortune on a store-bought costume. With a little creativity and some craft supplies, you can make your own DIY Snow White costume that will stand out from the crowd.


  • Yellow Skirt or dress
  • Blue Bodice or T-shirt
  • Red fabric or ribbon
  • Blue fabric or ribbon
  • Yellow fabric or ribbon
  • Black felt or fabric for the belt and sleeves
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Yellow shoes
  • Red Hairband or red dye


Step 1: The Dress

Begin by wearing a yellow skirt or dress. This will serve as the base of your Snow White costume.

Step 2: The Bodice

If you have a blue bodice or T-shirt, wear it over the yellow dress or tuck it in the skirt. Alternatively, you can make your own blue bodice by sewing or gluing blue fabric onto a white T-shirt or tank top.

Step 3: The Red Bow and Collar

Cut a long strip of red fabric or ribbon and tie it into a big bow at the back of your waist. Use more red fabric or ribbon to make a pointy collar around the neckline of your blue bodice.

Step 4: The Belt and Sleeves

Cut a long strip of black felt or fabric to make a belt and glue it around your waist over the red bow. Cut two other smaller strips of black felt or fabric to make sleeves that fit tightly around your arms.

Step 5: The Shoes

Wear a pair of yellow shoes to match the color of your dress. If you don’t have yellow shoes, you can paint a plain white pair of shoes with yellow fabric paint.

Step 6: The Hairband

If you have a red hairband, wear it on your head to give a nod to Snow White’s iconic red bow. Alternatively, you can dye your hair red temporarily with hair chalk or spray in order to embody Snow White’s signature look.


There you have it, a simple and easy do-it-yourself Snow White costume that is sure to impress. Customize it with your own personal touches and you’ll be the fairest in the land!

DIY Season is Here—How to Make an Adorable Snow White Costume

With the official arrival of Fall and the upcoming spooky season, DIY projects are more popular than ever and dressing for the occasion doesn’t get more fun than making your own Snow White costume. This classic character costume is fast, easy and budget-friendly, too.

Start with finding or making a yellow or blue dress. Look for something with frill sleeves as well as a modest length. Use red ribbon or fabric paint to make strips along the center of the dress and around the neckline and waistline, keeping each one in a neat line. If possible, add a red belt or sash with a bow in the back. Next, purchase or make a red cape with a large hood. You could also use a large piece of red fabric and make the cape with a few craft supplies.

For the shoes, choose plain black or white ballet flats or boots that can easily match the dress. Finally, don’t forget about the hair accessories. You can use a plain headband and attach a white bow to it. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can make a flower crown filled with pink, yellow, red and white artificial flowers.

Once you have all of the pieces for the costume put together, it’s time to get Snow White’s signature golden locks. Use several shades of blonde paint to create curls around your forehead and one large wave that falls across the left side of your face. To complete the look, a simple red lipstick can add the finishing touch to your costume.

Not only is making your own Snow White costume relatively simple, but it can be quite fun as well. With a few DIY basics and a desire to transform into your childhood favorite, you’re all set for a magical Halloween.

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