do it yourself sheep costume

do it yourself sheep costume


What are the best fabrics to use when making a sheep costume?

DIY Sheep Costume: Get Ready to Baa Like a Pro

Are you in search of an adorable sheep costume for Halloween or an upcoming dress-up event? Look no further than this do-it-yourself sheep costume that is fun and easy to make. With a few household items and some craft supplies, you can transform into a fluffy and cuddly sheep in no time. Let’s get ready to baa like a pro.

Materials Needed

  • White hooded sweatshirt
  • White sweatpants
  • White or beige felt sheets
  • Black felt sheet
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • White cotton balls
  • Elastic headband


Follow these simple steps to create your own DIY sheep costume:

  1. Start by cutting out two large circles from the white or beige felt sheets – these will serve as the ears of the sheep.
  2. Next, cut out two smaller circles from the black felt sheet for the inner part of the ears. Glue these onto the white circles and set them aside to dry.
  3. Take the white hooded sweatshirt and use your glue gun to attach the white cotton balls all over the hood and sleeves. Make sure you cover it entirely to create the fluffy sheep wool effect.
  4. Now, take the white sweatpants and repeat the same process of gluing the cotton balls all over the pants.
  5. Once the ears have dried, use the glue gun to attach them to the hood of the sweatshirt in the desired position.
  6. Lastly, to finish the look, take an elastic headband and glue some white cotton balls onto it to create a woolly headband.

That’s it! Your DIY sheep costume is ready to be worn.

Tips and Tricks

  • For a more realistic look, you can add some pink blush to the cheeks to give the appearance of a warm and fuzzy sheep.
  • If you don’t have a glue gun, you can use glue dots or fabric glue instead.
  • For a complete look, pair the costume with some black boots or shoes to resemble the sheep hooves.
  • You can also add a cute bowtie or necktie to the costume for a dressed-up sheep look.

In Conclusion

This sheep costume is a simple and fun way to transform yourself into a fluffy and adorable sheep. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a few household items, and you’re ready to baa like a pro. Try it out for your next Halloween party or dress-up event and watch as everyone flocks to you.

It is no secret that Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to have a creative Halloween costume, why not consider making a Do It Yourself Sheep Costume? Whether you are looking for a costume for a party, a school event, or just something different for trick-or-treating, this is a great option that can be tailored to each individual.

This costume requires very few supplies and is relatively easy to make. One of the main supplies you’ll need is white fabric. This can be bought from any craft or fabric store, or you can recycle fabric from old clothes and curtains. For the head piece, you’ll need to make ears, face, and a tail. This can be done using white foam paper and then secured in the right place with the help of a glue gun.

The other items you’ll need are black felt, fabric scissors, and a glue gun. To make the eyes and nose, cut two small circles out of the black felt. Then, use the glue gun to attach them to the head piece. Add some cotton wool to the ears and tail to give them the soft and fluffy look of a real sheep.

Once the sheep costume is complete, you can personalize it by adding some colorful accessories. Consider adding a rainbow scarf around the neck or a bright tutu as a skirt. Some Halloween makeup around the eyes will add the final touches to complete your costume.

With a Do It Yourself Sheep Costume, you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want, allowing you to create the perfect Halloween look. This fun, easy costume is sure to impress the neighbourhood and be an unforgettable edition to your Halloween wardrobe!

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