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How can one achieve a dramatic effect when making a do it yourself queen of hearts costume?

DIY Queen of Hearts Costume: Rule the Wonderland

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you must have adored the evil yet fascinating Queen of Hearts. Her uncanny, regal demeanor and iconic outfit make her a memorable character that is perfect for cosplay or Halloween costume.

Fortunately, creating a Queen of Hearts costume is relatively easy and inexpensive, and you can show off your creativity and crafting skills. This DIY costume guide will help you transform into the Queen of Hearts and command your Wonderland subjects.

Materials You Will Need

  • A red dress or gown
  • Black and white fabric (for collar, cuffs, and apron)
  • Playing card symbols (printed or stickers)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Red and black tulle
  • Red gloves
  • Red high heels
  • Gold cording or ribbon (for lacing)
  • Crown (buy or DIY)


Follow these steps to create your DIY Queen of Hearts costume:

1. Create the Dress

Since the Queen of Hearts is all about red and black, you can start with a red dress or gown. If you already have a red dress, all you need to do is add some black and white details.

Take the black fabric and cut a high neck collar and cuffs for the dress. Glue them on using a glue gun. Next, cut an apron out of white fabric and glue on playing card symbols all over it. Secure the apron in place with some glue.

2. Add the Skirt

The Queen of Hearts has a voluminous skirt that makes her look royal and powerful. To achieve this, you will need some tulle fabric in red and black colors. Cut the tulle into long strips and tie them around a waistband or belt. Alternate between black and red tulle to create a fluffy, multilayered skirt.

3. Accessorize

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your costume. Put on some red gloves and red high heels to complement the red dress. Use a gold cording or ribbon to lace up the front of the dress for an extra detail. Don’t forget to wear a crown or tiara to complete the regal look.

You can also add some makeup to complete your Queen of Hearts costume. Use black and red eyeshadow and red lipstick to enhance your features and create a dramatic look.

The Final Word

A DIY Queen of Hearts costume is perfect for those who want to stand out at a party or cosplay event. With just a few materials and a bit of creativity, you can transform into the wicked ruler of Wonderland and show off your crafting skills.

So gather your supplies, put on your best smile, and prepare to rule your subjects in your DIY Queen of Hearts costume!

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