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What materials do I need to make a do-it-yourself pirate costume for kids?

DIY Pirate Costume for Kids

DIY Pirate Costume for Kids

What You’ll Need

  • A white shirt or blouse
  • Black pants or leggings
  • A bandana or scarf
  • An eye patch
  • A toy sword or cutlass
  • Some black boots or shoes


  1. Cut off the sleeves and collar of the white shirt to create a more rugged, pirate-like look.
  2. Add some accessories to the shirt to make it look more pirate-like.
  3. Tie the bandana or scarf around your child’s head, leaving the ends hanging down behind them.
  4. Use some black face paint to create a swashbuckling pirate beard or mustache.
  5. Put on the eye patch and get ready to pillage and plunder!

Finishing Touches

You can use some gold or silver glitter to add some sparkle to the costume, or add some fun props like a treasure map or a stuffed parrot.

Final Look

Final Look

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