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How can I modify existing store-bought costumes to fit plus sizes?

Do It Yourself Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time of the year when adults can dress up in funny, scary, or creative costumes. However, if you are a plus size person, finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a bit of a challenge. Most stores only offer limited sizes, or the costumes are too expensive. So, why not make your own costume instead of purchasing one?

Here are some do-it-yourself plus size Halloween costumes you can create with ease:

The Classic Ghost Costume

The classic ghost costume is super easy to make and is perfect for last-minute Halloween plans. Simply get a white sheet and cut out two holes for the eyes. Then, drape the sheet over your head and tie a knot at your neck. Voila! You are now a spooky ghost. To make this costume more exciting, you can use a tie-dye kit to add a bit of color to the sheet, or you can cut out different shapes to create a creepy effect.

The Flapper Look

The 1920s flapper look is elegant and simple to create. You will need a black dress, preferably knee-length, and black stockings. You can then accessorize the outfit with a feather boa and a headband with feathers or a glittery accessory. To complete the look, add a pair of peep-toe shoes, and you’re ready to party.

The Zombie Look

The zombie look is a popular Halloween costume that’s easy to pull off. You will need some old and ripped clothes, fake blood, and makeup. Start by tearing up the clothes and applying fake blood for a more gruesome appearance. Then, add some black and red makeup to your face, and you’re done. If you want to make this costume more unique, you can add fake body parts or use torn fabric to create an exposed bone effect.

The Medieval Times Look

The medieval times look creates a regal and sophisticated appearance. You will need a long dress in red, black, or green and a cape to match. To make the outfit more complete, add a belt, a headpiece, and gloves. You can also accessorize with a long silver necklace or a metallic choker. This outfit is perfect for those who love history and want to have a touch of royalty in their Halloween costume.

The Fortune Teller Look

The fortune teller look is mysterious and fun to create. You will need a long flowy skirt, a fringed shawl, and lots of jewelry. To make the costume more complete, add a headscarf and bangle bracelets. You can also add a crystal ball or tarot cards for added effect. To make the costume more complete, add some flowers or feathers in your hair to give it a boho-inspired look.

In conclusion, Halloween costumes do not have to be expensive or out of reach if you are a plus size person. There are numerous DIY options to choose from that are affordable, easy to make, and perfect for any Halloween party. Get creative, have fun, and surprise your friends with your unique and fantastic costume creation!

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