do it yourself pikachu costume

do it yourself pikachu costume


What materials are required to make a do it yourself Pikachu costume?

DIY Pikachu Costume: Bring Your Favorite Pokemon to Life

Are you a Pokemon fan? If so, you know that Pikachu is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise! Pikachu is a lovable, yellow electric mouse that is adored by fans of all ages. With Halloween approaching, why not dress up as Pikachu and catch everyone’s attention? In this article, we’ll teach you how to make an easy and budget-friendly Pikachu costume so you can look just like the iconic Pokemon.

What You Will Need:

  • Yellow hoodie
  • Yellow pants or a skirt
  • Black felt
  • White felt
  • Red felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Black headband or baseball cap
  • Glue gun or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. Put on the yellow hoodie and pants or skirt.
  2. Trace Pikachu’s ears onto the black felt and cut them out. You will need two for the Pikachu costume.
  3. Trace Pikachu’s inner ears onto the yellow felt and cut them out. You will also need two of these for the costume.
  4. Use the glue gun to attach the yellow felt inner ears to the black felt ears.
  5. Attach the ears to the headband or baseball cap using the glue gun or fabric glue. If you use a headband, make sure to position the ears upright and close together.
  6. Trace Pikachu’s tail onto the yellow felt and cut it out.
  7. Trace a lightning bolt shape onto the red felt and cut it out. This will be Pikachu’s iconic tail feature.
  8. Glue the red lightning bolt onto the bottom of the yellow felt tail.
  9. Attach the tail to the back of the yellow hoodie using the glue gun or fabric glue.
  10. Use the black felt to cut out Pikachu’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Glue them onto the hood of the hoodie to make the face.

Celebrate Halloween as Pikachu

Now that you’ve made your Pikachu costume, you’re ready to hit the streets and collect candy on Halloween night! You can also wear this costume to a Pokemon-themed party, cosplay event or convention. The DIY Pikachu costume is perfect for both kids and adults and you can customize it to your liking. You can also combine this costume with other Pokemon costumes to make a whole group!


With a few craft supplies and a little creativity, you can make a DIY Pikachu costume that will impress your friends and have everyone saying “Pika Pika!” This costume idea is not only easy to make but also budget-friendly. You can be confident that you’ll stand out from the crowd. We hope this tutorial has inspired you to create an adorable Pikachu costume and have fun while doing so.

With Halloween right around the corner, have you been looking for easy and creative costume ideas? Let us introduce you to an adorable and easy to make Pikachu costume – a great ensemble to wear at a costume party or to trick-or-treat.

This do-it-yourself Pikachu costume is made up of simple and inexpensive items, with the most time consuming part putting it together. From the comfort of your own home, this costume can be put together following just a few quick steps. All the materials you need for this costume can be easily obtained online or at local arts, crafts and home supply stores.

To start, you will need to procure yellow fleece fabric, white fabric paint, and a sewing machine, if you’re a novice. To make the tail, you can purchase some wired ribbon and shape it into one, or use a stuffed toy. To craft the snout and ears of the costume you will need some felt, craft foam or cardboard and a black sharpie. Then, use the sewing machine to sew the fleece fabric into a hoodie and complete the look.

The Pikachu costume also requires some accessory items that you can choose depending on how close you want to stick to the Pikachu character. To finish off the costume you may need some yellow, black and white tennis shoes and light up headphones. For the finishing touch, it’s a good idea to pair the ensemble with a small, foam Pikachu toy to give the costume a more authentic feel.

If you are feeling crafty and want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, then making a do-it-yourself Pikatchu costume is an easy and fun outfit to create and will be sure to get plenty of attention. With a few materials and some skillful craftsmanship, you can create your own Pikachu costume in no time!

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