do it yourself peacock halloween costume

do it yourself peacock halloween costume


What materials are needed to make a DIY peacock Halloween costume?

Do It Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume

Are you tired of the same old Halloween costumes every year? Why not stand out from the crowd by creating your very own peacock costume. This magnificent bird is known for its vibrant colors, and it’s sure to make a bold statement at any Halloween party.

Here’s how you can make your own peacock costume from scratch.


  • Blue dress or blue shirt and leggings
  • Blue and green tulle
  • Peacock feathers
  • Glue gun or fabric glue
  • Elastic band
  • Pins
  • Wire


Step 1: Skirt

  1. Cut several strips of blue and green tulle alternatively.
  2. Tie each strip around the elastic band in a knot close to one another.
  3. Once you’ve tied all the tulle strips into the elastic, fluff them up to create a full tutu like skirt.
  4. Sew or glue a few peacock feathers onto the skirt.

Step 2: Top

  1. If you have a blue dress, skip to step 3. Otherwise, choose a blue shirt and leggings.
  2. Take some of the leftover tulle from the skirt and tie it around the waistline of the blue shirt to create a peplum style.
  3. Sew or glue peacock feathers onto the top around the neck and sleeves.

Step 3: Headpiece

  1. Take a piece of wire and make a circle to fit around your head.
  2. Wrap the wire circle with green ribbon.
  3. Glue the peacock feathers onto the ribbon, creating a fan-like pattern.
  4. Chose a headband to secure the wire headpiece to your head.

Final Touches:

  1. Attach some peacock feathers to your shoes or make a tail to match the skirt.
  2. Apply some bright blue and green eyeshadow for an extra pop of color.
  3. Print out some peacock fact sheets to share with your friends and family.

Now you have a beautiful and unique peacock costume that will stand out at any Halloween party. With just a few materials and creative imagination, you can create a stunning outfit that is unlike anything else. Enjoy your night as the most colorful bird in the flock.

Do It Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume

This Halloween, bring something new and vibrant to your costume creation. Decide to stand apart and make a peacock Halloween costume. While store-bought versions may be available, crafting one at home can be an enjoyable craft project as long as you’re prepared.

If you’re ready to make your own peacock Halloween costume, start by gathering the right materials. The base of your costume will likely be a leotard or a unitard so it’s important to find a color that will work well like dark blue or deep teal. You can then use tulle fabric and various colors of feathers to create the body and tail of the bird. Copper, purple, and turquoise feathers would work best, but you can get whatever colors you want for the costume to be noticed at the party.

Once you have the materials and the base prepared, it’s time to start crafting. For the body of your peacock costume, start by cutting the tulle fabric into teardrop shapes, sew them together and then attach them to your base. As for the feathers themselves, you should use individual pieces of fabric to secure them to the base and the tulle of the costume. The feathers should be secure so they don’t come off throughout the night.

Finally, complete the look of your peacock costume with a headpiece. You can create this by cutting the remaining fabric into a diamond and secure it to a headband or use one that already exists and attach fabric and feathers to it. The key is to maintain the vibrant colors of your costume and keep the headpiece feeling light on your head.

If you’ve allowed ample time for crafting, your DIY peacock costume should be ready with days to spare and you can proudly strut your way into the Halloween party. With the right materials and creative flair, making your own peacock costume is a manageable and enjoyable project. Nothing says Halloween like a vibrant peacock to catch all the stares.

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