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How can I make accessories for my do it yourself Negan costume?

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead TV series, you’ll no doubt recognize the infamous character of Negan, the charismatic and brutal leader of the Saviors. With his iconic leather jacket and barbed wire bat, Negan has become a popular choice for Halloween costumes and cosplay events. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a DIY Negan costume that will impress any Walking Dead fan.

Materials Needed:

– Black leather jacket
– Gray scarf
– White t-shirt
– Black pants
– Black boots
– Lucille (Negan’s barbed wire bat)
– Silver spray paint
– Wire hanger
– Tape
– Leather gloves

Step 1: The Jacket

The most important part of the Negan costume is undoubtedly the jacket. You can use a real leather jacket, or a faux leather version if you prefer. Look for a black jacket with silver hardware. You can also make some small modifications to your jacket to make it look more like Negan’s. Cut off any unnecessary zippers or pockets to give the jacket a cleaner look. You can also add a red handkerchief to the breast pocket, which is a trademark of Negan’s wardrobe.

Step 2: The Scarf

Wrap a light gray scarf around your neck in a casual, yet stylish, manner. This will help complete the Negan look without being too flashy.

Step 3: The T-Shirt and Pants

Negan often wears a white t-shirt underneath his leather jacket. Choose a simple, plain white t-shirt with a loose fit. For the pants, go for black jeans or cargo pants. Negan’s style is all about simplicity and comfort.

Step 4: The Shoes

Black boots are the perfect footwear for a Negan costume. Ensure that they are comfortable to wear, as you’ll likely be on your feet for a while if you’re attending a cosplay event or Halloween party.

Step 5: Lucille

No Negan costume is complete without Lucille, his infamous barbed wire bat. To create your own Lucille, look for a toy or replica baseball bat. Then, take a wire hanger and unravel it. Use the wire to create a circle around the bat, twisting it tightly to create a barbed wire effect. You can also spray paint the wire silver to make it look even more realistic.

Step 6: The Gloves

To complete the Negan look, add a pair of black leather gloves. These will not only help your hands stay warm, but will also add a sinister edge to your costume.

In Conclusion:

By following these steps, you can create your very own Negan costume without breaking the bank. The key to a great Negan costume is to keep it simple, yet stylish. The black and white color scheme, combined with the gray scarf, gives an effortless yet striking appearance. Of course, the pièce de résistance of any Negan costume is Lucille herself. With a little imagination and a few basic supplies, you can create a DIY version that’s sure to turn heads. So whether you’re headed to a costume party or simply looking to impress your fellow Walking Dead fans, this DIY Negan costume is sure to do the trick.
As Halloween approaches, many are searching for the perfect costume. With the wild success of the walking dead show, many people are considering going as the featured villain, Negan. This masked and menacing figure can intimidate any crowd, but assembling a costume may seem daunting. To help make the process simpler, we are offering a DIY (do it yourself) Negan Costume guide.

The basic items for a Negan costume are a leather jacket, pants, and white shirt. The jacket can be a thrift shop find or specialty tailor piece, preferably one with standout zippers or pockets for a more authentic look. The same goes for the pants, and the white shirt should be plain with black buttons.

To add more of a Negan flare, eye black, facial hair and a bat are needed. Eye black strips are available at most stores that sell sporting goods or costume items. For facial hair, find a grey wig or makeup set and add a stubble of whiskers to complete the overall look. For the infamous bat, a wooden or plastic baseball bat and some black liquid paint are all that is needed to customize the weapon.

Once complete, all of the pieces should fit together to make a fantastic Negan costume. With a dark and intimidating look, this costume is sure to capture the attention of the party and turn heads wherever it is worn. So, don your costume and terrorize your crowd this Halloween season with a DIY Negan costume.

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