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Are there any special techniques for wrapping mummy bandages?

DIY Mummy Costume: An Easy and Spooky Halloween Costume Idea

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re still searching for a costume idea, we have got you covered! A mummy costume is an easy and spooky option that you can make at home with just a few materials. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your very own mummy costume that will surely be a hit at any Halloween party.

Materials needed:

  • White cloth or old sheets
  • Scissors
  • Black, brown or gray makeup
  • White makeup or face paint
  • Glue or safety pins


Step 1: Tear the Cloth

Start by tearing the white cloth or sheets into long strips of varying lengths. The strips don’t have to be perfect, as they’ll look better when they have some rough edges. If you prefer a cleaner look, you can cut the strips instead of tearing them.

Step 2: Prepare your Face

Start by applying the black, brown or gray makeup around your eyes and other parts of your face. The goal here is to create a sunken, hollow look. After applying the dark makeup, use the white face paint to cover the rest of your face. If you don’t have white face paint, you can also use flour or cornstarch mixed with some cold cream or lotion.

Step 3: Create your Mummy Costume

Take the strips of cloth and begin wrapping them around your body. Start with your legs and arms and work your way up to your torso, covering as much of your body as possible. Use safety pins or glue to keep the strips in place. If you’re having trouble getting them to stick, you can also use double-sided tape. Make sure that you leave some gaps between the strips, so that your skin can be seen underneath.

Step 4: Final Touches

After you’ve wrapped yourself up like a mummy, add some final touches to really sell the look. Add some extra strips of cloth around your head and neck, and around your hands and feet to make it look like you’re fully wrapped up. You can also add some black or brown makeup to the strips of cloth to make them look old and dirty.

Final Words

And that’s it! With just a few materials and some creativity, you can create a spooky, homemade mummy costume that is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Happy Haunting!

With the spooky Halloween season just around the corner, many people are searching for fun and creative costumes and decorations for the holiday. For those of us who are short on time and resources, a DIY Mummy Costume is an easy, affordable way to put together a personalized, unique look for Halloween.

This DIY costume allows you to get as creative as you like with minimal supplies. All you need to put this look together is several rolls of white crepe paper streamers (or toilet paper!), safety pins, scissors, and a needle and thread. Begin by cutting the crepe paper streamers into longer strips (three to four feet). Once you have enough cut pieces of crepe paper, start winding the strips around the body, starting at the shoulders and ending at the ankles. Secure each layer of the mummy wrap with a safety pin. If you prefer, you can use a needle and thread to keep the wrap together.

The fastest and most direct way to make a mummy wrap is to keep the crepe paper strips close to each other, overlapping each one as you go. However, you can also tailor your mummy costume with inconsistencies in the wrapping pattern and by adding unique details. For instance, you can add some ghoulish eyes or other symbols to the mummy wrap using purple and black crepe paper. You can also use Japanese washi tape with all sorts of designs, such as crosses or spiderwebs, to give the costume an extra spooky touch. Finally, add a few accessories (like a black or white hooded robe, a scepter, or a bandaged face) and you’ll be good to go.

A DIY mummy costume is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. This simple costume requires minimal resources but allows for maximum creativity, and can easily be tailored to fit all tastes. Have fun and happy Halloween!

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