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What items can I find around the house to create an 80s costume?

DIY Last Minute 80s Costume – Easy Tips and Ideas

Are you tired of the same boring Halloween costumes? Do you need a last-minute 80s costume idea that you can make yourself? Look no further! In this article, we’ll give you some easy tips and ideas to create your perfect 80s costume.

Tips for Creating the Perfect 80s Costume

1. Bright Colors – When it comes to 80s fashion, the brighter, the better. Choose neon colors and pastels to make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Denim – Denim was an essential part of 80s fashion. So, throw on some high-waisted acid-washed jeans or a denim jacket to complete your look.

3. Accessories – Don’t forget about the accessories. Add some shoulder pads for a power look, wear a headband for a funky touch and find some colorful beads or statement earrings to complete your outfit.

4. Hairstyles – Big hair was the signature look of the 80s. Tease your hair to create a voluminous hairstyle or wear a scrunchie for a more relaxed look.

DIY Last Minute 80s Costume Ideas

1. Workout Barbie – Grab an old leotard, a pair of leggings, and a brightly colored headband. Add some leg warmers, wristbands, and a fanny pack for a complete workout Barbie look.

2. Punk Rocker – Put on some ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and a band t-shirt. Pin some buttons and patches onto your jacket and add a studded choker for an edgy look.

3. Valley Girl – Wear some brightly colored leggings, a mini skirt, and a crop top. Add a denim jacket, some high-heeled boots, and a statement necklace for a valley girl touch.

4. Madonna – Recreate one of Madonna’s iconic looks by wearing a lace dress, some fishnet stockings, and a pair of gloves. Flashy jewelry, a bold red lipstick, and a hairstyle with lots of volume will complete the Madge look.


Creating an 80s costume is easier than you think. With a few accessories and some bright colors, you can bring back the 80s in style. So, grab your glue gun, some fabric, and start creating your perfect last-minute 80s costume today!

If you’ve ever attended a costume party and found yourself stuck with no viable last-minute costume idea, fear not! Throwing together an 80s inspired costume with a DIY twist is totally achievable and sure to be a hit at any Halloween or themed party.

To get the creative juices flowing there are a few go-to elements that you can’t go wrong with — bright neon colors, chunky jewelry, and lots of layers. With just a quick browse through your wardrobe and a few household items, you can easily pull off a fun ’80s look that will have everyone impressed.

For a classic all-around costume, mix together a neon tank, a bright legwarmers or pair of scrunched-up socks often used in hip-hop dance in the 1980s, and a pair of oversized earrings or bright-colored hoop earrings. To complete the look, add a slick-back hairstyle, use a face roller to create a bold, sun kissed look on your cheeks, and large bangles on your wrists.

Or, if your taste leans more toward the grunge look of the 80s, a ripped-knee pair of jeans, an oversized T-shirt, plaid shirt, and a black leather jacket can be worn with classic leather boots to help you look the part. If you want to take it a step further, add some glittery eyeshadow and lots of eyeliner for a dramatic finish.

For a look that’s straight off the screen, you can recreate an iconic outfit made famous by Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, or the ultimate vintage diva, Michael Jackson. To channel your inner Madonna, put on a lace tank top, accessorize it with lots of necklaces and bangles, and complete the outfit with a pair of big, statement earrings. If you’re feeling brave try out her famous ‘cone’ bra look!

To imitate Cyndi Lauper add a colorful dress, brightly colored stockings, and hair accessories such as bows or ribbons. Lastly, to be just like Michael Jackson, you can never go wrong with a black fedora, a bandana, and a black leather jacket.

No matter which style you choose, having fun and experimenting with your look is the best way to create a successful 80s costume. With these simple tips, you’ll be ready to hit the dancefloor in no time!

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