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What items are required to make a DIY Lara Croft costume?

How to Create a DIY Lara Croft Costume

Are you tired of dressing up as the same old Halloween characters year after year? Do you want to channel your inner Tomb Raider and become Lara Croft for a night? Look no further! With a little creativity and some basic crafting skills, you can create a DIY Lara Croft costume that will have you looking fierce and ready for adventure.

What You’ll Need:

  • Green Tank Top
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Brown Belt with Buckle
  • Black Boots
  • Black Fingerless Gloves
  • Toy Guns with Holsters
  • Brown Braided Wig
  • Optional Props: Compass, Map, Backpack

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1:

Start with a green tank top and khaki shorts as your base outfit. These can easily be found at any clothing store or online. Make sure they fit comfortably and allow for movement since you’ll be channeling your inner adventurer.

Step 2:

Add a brown belt with a buckle to your shorts to create the iconic Lara Croft look. This will help define your waist and give you a more contoured shape. You can find a simple belt at any retail store or thrift shop.

Step 3:

Next, add black boots to your outfit. These can be any type of ankle or combat boot that you feel comfortable wearing. Make sure they’re black and sturdy enough for walking, running, or fighting off bad guys.

Step 4:

Complete the look with black fingerless gloves. These can easily be found at any costume or party supply store. They’ll help protect your hands in case you need to climb a tree or handle a weapon.

Step 5:

If desired, add toy guns with holsters. These can be found at any toy store or online. They’ll add an extra level of authenticity to your costume and help you feel like a true Tomb Raider.

Step 6:

To complete the look, add a brown braided wig. This will give you Lara’s signature hairstyle and help you really embody the character. You can find wigs at any costume or wig store.

Step 7:

As an optional addition, you can accessorize with a compass, map, or backpack. These items will make you look like a true adventurer and help you get into character.


By following these simple steps and being a little creative, you can easily create a DIY Lara Croft costume that will have you looking like the ultimate explorer. Pair your outfit with a confident attitude and a fearless spirit, and you’re sure to have a Halloween night to remember.

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