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What items do I need to make a king kong kids costume?

Do It Yourself King Kong Kids Costume: Roar Like a Monster

If your kid is a fan of King Kong movies, then you can create an amazing DIY costume to make them feel like a real monster. This affordable and simple project requires a few materials and can be made in just a few hours. Let’s take a look at how to create this fantastic costume.

Materials Required

  1. Brown fur fabric (2 yards)
  2. Thin foam film
  3. Cardboard sheet
  4. Black and white acrylic colors
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue gun
  7. Red hood
  8. Metallic green paint
  9. Brown gloves


Step 1: Making the Body

First of all, measure your kid’s height and cut a suitable piece of brown fur fabric. Fold it in half, glue the two sides, and leave adequate space for the head and arms. Add a zipper on the back or front for easy dressing and undressing.

Step 2: Creating the Head and Face

To create the King Kong face, draw the monkey’s face with a black acrylic pencil on a foam film. Cut out the face and attach it to a cardboard sheet. You can also use brown gloves to create the monster’s ears. Paint the face white and the mouth area black.

Step 3: Making the Tail

Draw a long and narrow tail on the foam film and wrap it with brown fur fabric. Create a small ball at the end of the tail using the same technique, and attach it to the costume’s back.

Step 4: Adding the Accessories

To make the costume more attractive, paint the gloves with metallic green paint to create the monster’s claws. You can also add a red hood to represent the creature’s mouth. Your kid can wear this accessory or cover their head with the fur fabric to complete the look.


In conclusion, creating a King Kong costume is impressive and can be done at home. With the right materials and some creativity, you can transform your kid into a true monster from the famous movie. Try out our DIY tips and amaze your child with the best DIY King Kong costume.

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive costume for your kids this Halloween season? Look no further than a Do-It-Yourself King Kong Kids Costume! With a few easy supplies, you can easily transform your child into a “big” monkey for Halloween. The best part? Your kids will love to show off their handmade costume all night!

To start, you’ll need some brown felt fabric in varying shades of brown. Cut the fabric into larger pieces approximately 4-6 inches wide and wrap around the body of your child in the shape of a large monkey body. Secure with safety pins (be sure they are wrapped in a thin layer of felt to prevent scrapping). Once the body is assembled, use a dark brown felt to add fur details and make King Kong’s signature ruffled fur. To make the face, feel free to use felt or construction paper cut into an assortment of shapes. For the eyes, you can either draw them on or use felt circles for round eyes and construction paper for almond shaped eyes. You can also use fur or felt ears to complete the look.

Next, you will need either a large t-shirt or hoodie and some stuffing to create the arms and legs. Take the t-shirt or hoodie and stuff it, ensuring to fill the arm and leg holes. You can also cut up an old stuffing pillow, as long as it is enough to fill the arms and legs comfortably. Attach this with safety pins, as with the felt body.

Finally, you can add a few other embellishments such as a large collar or a monkey tail. Use a thin rope material, or ribbon, to create the collar and attach it to the neck of the costume. You can also purchase a premade monkey tail and attach it to the lower back of the costume. For his shoes, use brown paper bags and cut the top and sides to form shoe shapes then attach elastic or Velcro around the opening to keep them on your child’s feet.

Now your child is a walking, talking King Kong! The best part of this costume is that it’s easy to put together and your kids will absolutely love it. Once completed, this classic costume is sure to draw the attention of all your neighbors and friends. Have fun and enjoy!

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