do it yourself kids police costume

do it yourself kids police costume

Do it yourself

How can accessories be added to a do it yourself kids police costume to make it more realistic?

DIY Kids Police Costume: Make Your Little One Feel Like a Hero

Halloween is around the corner, and your kid is already thinking about the perfect costume. If your child is into law enforcement and loves playing cops and robbers, why not make them a DIY police costume? It’s an easy and fun project that your kid will love, and it’s also affordable!


  • Blue shirt and pants
  • Black boots
  • Black baseball cap
  • Black belt
  • Silver metal spray paint
  • Cardboard
  • Black duct tape
  • Silver duct tape
  • Felt paper in black, white, and yellow
  • Police badge or printable police badge template
  • Scissors and glue


Start with a plain blue shirt and pants. The black boots complete the look, but sneakers or black shoes are also fine. To make the police badge, buy one from a party store or print a template online. You can also create a badge from felt paper in silver and black. Cut out a shape like a shield and add a star in the middle.

Next, make the police hat. Spray paint a black baseball cap silver, and add a black and silver duct tape stripe around the middle of the cap. Cut out a circle from some cardboard and spray paint it silver. Once it’s dried, glue it to the front of the baseball cap and add a black felt paper circle in the center with the word “POLICE” written in white.

To make the police belt, wrap a black belt with silver duct tape. Cut out a small piece of felt paper in yellow and stick it on the belt to represent a police badge.

Finally, add some finishing touches. Cut out a police walkie-talkie from cardboard and black duct tape and attach it to the belt. You can also make police patches from black and white felt paper and attach one on each sleeve of the shirt.


Voila! Your kid now has a complete police costume that they will love. They will be the hero they always imagined and have a blast playing make-believe with their friends. Not only is this costume easy and fun to make, but it’s also a great way to bond with your kid. Give it a shot and have a happy Halloween!

Do-It-Yourself Kids Police Costume

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about costumes! If you’re looking for a fun costume for your son or daughter, you can’t go wrong with a police officer getup! Making a police costume at home, with items from your house and local stores, is easier than you think.

To start, all you need is a navy or black shirt, black pants, and a belt. Police officers wear all black, so pick any shade of black, the sky’s the limit! If all you have around the house is navy, no problem, let’s move on. For the belt, you can use a regular fabric belt, but you can also get creative, using a wide black ribbon to cinch the waist.

Fun accessories for this costume include a police hat, badges, and handcuffs. Paper badges are easily made and attached to the shirt. For the hat, a baseball cap or any other hat with a brim can do the trick. Try shopping at a local party store for plastic handcuffs.

Finally, the last and most important piece of the costume is the police uniform. Most department stores, costume shops, and online stores carry police uniform costumes for kids. Shopping for the police uniform online gives you more options for the type of fabric and style. Plus, ordering online is convenient and easy, with costumes often arriving as quickly as two days.

Turn your son or daughter into a real police officer with a do-it-yourself police costume. With household items and accessories from your local store, you can make this costume quickly and easily. Police uniforms are also available to purchase online, leaving plenty of time before Halloween to surprise your son or daughter with the perfect costume.

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