do it yourself kids cowboy halloween costume


How much time would it take to sew a kids cowboy Halloween costume?

Do It Yourself Kids Cowboy Halloween Costume

Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for the holiday. Kids love to dress up and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their imagination. If your little one has expressed interest in dressing up as a cowboy this year, don’t fret. You can put together a great cowboy costume for your child with a little bit of effort and creativity. Here’s how you can create a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kids Cowboy Halloween Costume.

Cowboy Hat

A Cowboy hat is an important accessory for any cowboy costume. You can purchase a cowboy hat from a party store or you can make one yourself. To make a cowboy hat yourself, you will need:

  • Brown felt fabric
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • A black or brown ribbon

To make the cowboy hat:

  1. Cut a circle out of the brown felt fabric.
  2. Cut a triangle out of the circle, leaving the bottom part of the triangle attached to the circle (this will be the brim of the hat).
  3. Bend the felt fabric to create a cone shape and glue it together at the seam.
  4. Attach the ribbon around the base of the hat and tie it in a bow.


A vest is another important item for a cowboy costume. You can make the vest with the following materials:

  • Brown felt fabric
  • Gold or brown buttons
  • Scissors

To make the vest:

  1. Cut a piece of brown felt fabric large enough to fit your child.
  2. Cut two small slits in the top of the fabric (for the arms).
  3. Cut the front of the vest straight down the middle.
  4. Sew or glue the buttons on each side of the vest to keep it together.


Jeans are a staple for any cowboy costume. Use a pair of jeans your child already owns or purchase a pair from a thrift store. Make sure they are comfortable and fitting well.


Cowboy boots are an integral part of a cowboy costume. If your child already has a pair, use those. If not, try to find a pair at a thrift store or a costume store. Make sure they are comfortable and safe to wear.


Accessories can take the costume to the next level. Here are some accessories that you can add:

  • A bandana for your child to tie around their neck
  • A toy belt with a holster for a pretend gun
  • A rope to use a lasso
  • A plastic cowboy hat for dress-up play after Halloween

In Conclusion

A cowboy costume is a fun DIY project that your child will love. With a few materials and some creativity, you can put together a great cowboy costume that your child will be happy to wear this Halloween. Have fun crafting!

The biggest night of the year is upon us and, that’s right, it’s Halloween! If your little ones are looking to make an impression this year, why not dress them up in an eye-catching DIY Cowboy Halloween costume.

This crafty costume is sure to be a hit around town and can be made without any major effort or spending. All you need is some nylon and cloth jeans, a denim shirt, felt and string, a stunning cowboy hat, and a little creativity.

Start by either purchasing or making some lightweight pants and shirt. If you choose to make them, simply use some nylon or cloth fabric and sew them together with a sewing machine or needle and thread. If you’re feeling extra creative, use extra fabric for the shirt’s flaps or patches. Once those are done, add a belt and embroider the belt with cotton thread and felt for extra zing.

The Cowboy Hat can be made by using a piece of poster board, scissors, glue, and plenty of imagination. First, draw some sketchy outlines of your hat on the poster board. Then cut them out and shape them using a cup to form the base of the hat. Don’t forget to add those stunning bandanas and feathers for the full Cowboy effect.

Now comes the fun part, where you can show off your creative side and use different items such as cloth and felt for other cowboy accessories. Felt is perfect for making holsters, bandanas, and even makeshift guns.

Once you’re done adding all the final touches, show off and have a blast this Halloween with your little DIY Cowboy!

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