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How can a DIY Joan of Arc costume be accessorized to appear more realistic?

DIY Joan of Arc Costume

Joan of Arc

Are you looking for a unique and powerful costume this Halloween? A Joan of Arc costume is a great choice for anyone who wants to showcase their strength and courage.

But don’t worry about spending a fortune on a store-bought costume! You can easily make your own DIY Joan of Arc costume with just a few simple materials.

What You’ll Need

  • White T-shirt or blouse
  • Black pants or leggings
  • Tan or brown suede fabric (for the armor)
  • Gold or silver fabric paint
  • Black boots
  • Sword (optional)


  1. Start by creating the armor. Cut a piece of suede fabric to fit around your chest and back, as well as two pieces for your shoulders. Use gold or silver fabric paint to add designs and embellishments to the armor.
  2. Next, put on your white t-shirt or blouse and black pants. Add the armor pieces to your shoulders and chest, securing them with safety pins or sewing them in place.
  3. Complete the look with black boots, and if desired, a sword to carry around with you.

Tips for Enhancing Your Joan of Arc Costume

If you really want to embody the spirit of Joan of Arc, consider adding a few of these finishing touches:

  • Wear your hair up in a tight bun or braids, similar to how Joan of Arc wore her hair.
  • Use makeup to create a strong, determined look on your face.
  • Carry a flag or banner with a powerful message, just as Joan of Arc did in battle.

With these simple instructions and tips, you can create a stunning Joan of Arc costume that is sure to impress everyone around you this Halloween.

Are you looking for a fashionable and stylish costume for a themed event? Consider creating your own Joan of Arc costume to stand out from the crowd! With a few simple items, you can make a unique and eye-catching costume.

What is a Joan of Arc costume? Joan of Arc was a 15th century French figure who led French troops to victory during the Hundred Years’ War. She was renowned for her bravery and leadership, and is often depicted in traditional medieval style dress. Creating a costume based on her style can be a good way to celebrate her spirit.

To make a classic Joan of Arc costume, you will need the following items: a white or cream colored dress or tunic; a blue sash; a belt; a cape; a sword or knife; a pair of gloves; and a simple crown or tiara. If you do not have access to proper medieval style clothing, you may also be able to make do with items from other eras, as long as they maintain the classic look of a medieval style.

Start by selecting an appropriate dress, tunic, or robe. The dress should be either cream or white, and come to the lower calf. It should be lightweight, as all the other pieces may be heavy and the gown should not be too hot to wear. Instead of a belt, you might consider using a sash across the waste, in either blue or a metallic shade. This can also act as a belt when you later want to tie a cape or cloak on. Think of a high quality fabric such as velvet or silk for the sash.

Next, you will need to select a cape or cloak. This should be long and reach mid-calf but should not be so long as to reach the ground, as it may be uncomfortable or inconvenient to move in. A bright red color would be suitable, as this was often associated with the Church and Joan of Arc in the Middle Ages. It should also be lightweight and easy to move in.

Finally, as a finishing touch, a sword or knife and a crown or tiara can be added. Be sure to consider the size and weight of the sword or knife, to ensure it will not be too heavy or difficult to carry or maneuver. A small crown or tiara is also a great finishing touch to the costume.

Creating your own unique Joan of Arc costume is a great way to express your own personality and style. With a few basic items, you can make a beautiful and unique costume that will turn heads at any themed event.

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