do it yourself group costume ideas


What tips are there for making a group costume with a limited budget?

Do It Yourself Group Costume Ideas

Dressing up for Halloween doesn’t always have to be about individual costumes. In fact, group costumes can be even more fun and creative! Here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) group costume ideas for you and your friends to try this year.

1. The Incredibles

Channel your inner superhero and dress up as the crime-fighting family from Disney’s “The Incredibles”. With red jumpsuits, black boots, and yellow gloves, you and your group can easily replicate the iconic outfits. You can even make your own masks using craft foam and elastic bands.

2. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This classic ’80s movie provides plenty of inspiration for a group costume. You’ll need khaki jumpsuits, a proton pack (which you can make out of cardboard and glow sticks), and a Ghostbusters patch.

3. Mario and Friends

If you’re a fan of the popular video game series, dress up as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Toad for a fun group costume. You can find most of the pieces you need at a thrift store or online, including overalls, colored shirts, and hats.

4. Clue Characters

Based on the classic board game, Clue, this group costume will have everyone guessing who did it. Assign characters to each member of your group, such as Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, or Professor Plum, and dress up accordingly. Don’t forget to carry around clue cards!

5. Stranger Things

Step into the upside-down world of Stranger Things with this group costume. Depending on your favorite characters, you might want to dress up as Eleven, Will, Dustin, or Steve. You can easily make your own props, such as a waffle for Eleven or a baseball bat for Steve, out of cardboard and paint.


There you have it – five fun and easy DIY group costume ideas. By using a little creativity and ingenuity, you and your friends can have a blast dressing up together this Halloween. Happy trick-or-treating!

When it comes to costumes, whether it’s for Halloween or an upcoming theme party, having a group costume can up the fun and excitement. If you’ve ever wanted to coordinate an easy, do it yourself group costume without spending too much money, here are five ideas to get you started.

1. KISS. Have everyone dress up as the classic rock band. Just grab some black leather, dark sunglasses, and plenty of white face paint. Don’t forget about adding some wild, brightly colored wigs for ultimate effect.

2. The Fantastic Four. A classic favorite, dressing up as The Fantastic Four is sure to gain lots of attention. For the Mr. Fantastic costume, use a black suit with plenty of added fabric to give it that stretched out look. Add some silver face paint to imitate the Human Torch. And don’t forget about making a body suit for the Invisible Woman.

3. Mario Bros. and Friends. Step into the Mushroom Kingdom by having each person in the group dress up as a classic Mario Bros. character. Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and of course Mario himself. Create the costumes using at-home materials, or purchase them online.

4. Breakfast of Champions. This idea is sure to be a hit – dress up as different breakfast foods. Choose from classic favorites such as bacon, toast, eggs, and coffee. Use washable paint to mimic your favorite delicious breakfast treat.

5. Superheroes. You don’t need to be a child to dress up as your favorite superhero. Gather the group and choose your favorites. Superman, Catwoman, Batman, and Ironman are just a few examples of characters you could dress up as for a night of action-packed fun.

Creating a group costume can be both fun and challenging. With these five ideas, you can delightfully surprise your friends and have a memorable time. So have fun and be creative with your costumed group.

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