do it yourself fairy godmother costume

Fairy Godmother

What imaginative accessories can be used to add creativity to a DIY fairy godmother costume?

DIY Fairy Godmother Costume

If you’re looking for a magical costume that’s also easy to make, consider being a fairy godmother. With a bit of creativity and some crafting supplies, you can transform yourself into a whimsical and enchanting character in no time. Here’s how you can create your own fairy godmother costume.


  • Purple or blue tulle
  • White tulle
  • Elastic band


  1. Start by creating a tutu skirt. Cut long strips of purple or blue tulle and white tulle. Tie them around an elastic band, alternating between colors, until you reach your desired skirt length.
  2. Add a white ribbon as a waistband for your tutu skirt and tie it in a bow.
  3. Using the remaining white tulle, make a shawl that drapes over your arms. Cut a large, rectangular piece of tulle and fold it diagonally in half. Drape the folded tulle over your shoulders and around your arms. Tie it in the front with a glittery ribbon.
  4. Add sparkle to your costume by using silver or gold glitter to sprinkle over your tutu. You can also add the glitter to your shawl and wand.
  5. For the final touch, create a fairy wand to complete the fairy godmother look. Simply decorate a wooden dowel with ribbon, glittery stars, and other embellishments. You can even add a small star at the top using cardboard or felt.


With these simple steps, you can create your own DIY fairy godmother costume that will make you feel like you stepped right out of a fairytale. Whether you’re attending a costume party or just looking for a fun and whimsical outfit for the day, this costume is sure to impress.

So get your crafting supplies ready and let your imagination run wild. It’s time to create your own magical costume that will inspire everyone around you.

For anyone attending a costume ball or masquerade, creating a do-it-yourself fairy godmother costume is an easy and cost-effective way to make a stunning first impression. Whether you are attending a Halloween party or just wanting to dress up for a themed event, this is a fun costume to make.

The base of the costume can be minimal, with you opting for a light blue or pink dress of your choosing. You can seek out more elaborate flowing gowns, but the sky’s the limit in terms of colors and fabrics. Pair the dress with a sparkly tiara and some shimmery Mary Janes, and you will have a very convincing fairy godmother look.

When it comes to the iconic wand, you can get creative with supplies around the house. Any thin and lightweight stick can be spray painted gold or silver and be sewn with any accent pieces you’d like. Sticking with the fairy godmother theme, you may want to add tulle and ribbons in the same colors as your dress. Adding glitter and rhinestones always makes for an elegant look.

No costume is complete until it is fully accessorized. Any kind of star-shaped earrings will do, and some crafting wire and colorful sequins can form a makeshift magic wand. Door knocker earrings give a dramatic and elegant addition, while mini witch hats and purses can be found in most costume shops.

Creating a do-it-yourself fairy godmother costume can be a fun and affordable way to make a statement. With a bit of creativity and some simple supplies, you can be the belle of your next costume ball or masquerade.

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