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Do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce is an option for couples in New York State who are looking to end their marriage without incurring the cost of retaining attorneys or going to court. DIY divorce is a way to dissolve a marriage while avoiding the expense and time involved in resolving a contested divorce. When going through a DIY divorce, couples must prepare, file and serve all the necessary documents themselves, including all papers required by their local court. Additionally, they will be responsible for making arrangements to divide their marital property, assigning debts and liabilities, and agreeing on the division of assets. While it is possible to complete a DIY divorce without legal help, it is recommended that individuals seek legal advice before filing for divorce as there are many complexities involved in doing so.DIY Divorce in New York is a process of filing for divorce without the assistance of an attorney. Doing a DIY divorce in New York can save you time and money, but it can be complicated. Before starting the process, it is important to understand all of the rules and requirements that must be followed in order to complete your divorce successfully. This guide will provide an introduction to the process of DIY divorce in New York and help you get started on your way to a successful outcome.

DIY Divorce

DIY divorce is a process of terminating a marriage without the help of a lawyer. It is an alternative to the traditional court-based process and is becoming increasingly popular as it is more cost effective and less time consuming. DIY divorce can be done in a variety of ways, with the two most popular methods being through online divorce service providers or by filing legal paperwork yourself. The online services provide step-by-step instructions to filing for divorce and typically include all the necessary forms that are required for filing. On the other hand, filing paperwork yourself requires you to research state laws, fill out all required forms, and file them with your local court clerk.

Depending on your situation, there are pros and cons to both methods of DIY divorce. Online services are often very user friendly and provide helpful information along the way. However, they can be expensive depending on the service provider and may not include all the necessary forms for your particular situation. Filing legal paperwork yourself may require more research but can be cheaper than using an online service provider. Additionally, you have more control over how fast your case moves through the system which could result in faster resolution times.

Regardless of which method you choose to pursue, it’s important to understand that DIY divorces are not always easy or stress-free processes. It’s important to familiarize yourself with local state laws before starting any type of legal proceedings as well as have a basic understanding of family law so that you understand what rights and responsibilities each person has during this process. Additionally, it’s important to seek help from a qualified lawyer if you feel overwhelmed or need assistance during any point in your divorce proceedings.

Benefits of Doing a DIY Divorce in New York

Divorce is an emotional and stressful process, but it can be made easier if you are well-informed and prepared. If you are considering a DIY divorce in New York, there are many benefits that come with doing it yourself. DIY divorces can save you time, money, and hassle when compared to using a lawyer. Here are some of the advantages of doing a DIY divorce in New York:

First of all, it’s much faster than going through the court system. A DIY divorce can be completed in as little as 30 days depending on the complexity of the case. This is because you don’t have to wait for court dates or attorneys to prepare documents – everything can be done online or by mail.

Second, it’s much more affordable than hiring a lawyer. The average cost of a traditional divorce is between $15,000 and $20,000 – not including attorney fees. With a DIY divorce, you only pay for the necessary forms and filing fees – which can be significantly cheaper than hiring an attorney.

Finally, it eliminates the stress associated with going through the court system. With a DIY divorce, you don’t have to worry about lengthy court proceedings or dealing with opposing lawyers – everything is done between you and your spouse without having to involve the court system at all.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to doing a DIY divorce in New York. It’s faster, more affordable, and eliminates much of the stress associated with traditional divorces. If you’re considering filing for divorce on your own, it may be worth looking into this option as an alternative to hiring an attorney.

Eligibility Criteria for DIY Divorce in New York

In order to file for a DIY divorce in New York, both parties must meet certain criteria. The first requirement is that the couple must be legally married and not just living together. The second requirement is that the couple must have been living in separate residences for at least one year prior to filing for divorce. If the couple has children together, they must have resided apart for at least two years prior to filing the divorce.

In addition, both parties must agree on all of the terms of their divorce, including division of assets and debts, child custody and support orders, spousal support arrangements, and any other matters related to their divorce agreement. If either party is not able to agree on these terms, they will need to seek legal counsel and complete a traditional divorce instead of a DIY one.

It is also important to note that couples who are eligible for a DIY divorce cannot use any kind of lawyers or mediators during their proceedings. All communication between the parties must be done directly with each other or through legal documents such as affidavits or stipulations. Furthermore, if either party wishes to have an attorney review their documents before signing them, they must do so before submitting them to the court.

Lastly, couples who decide to go through with a DIY divorce should be aware that it can take up to six months or longer for their paperwork to be completed and approved by the court system. Therefore, it is important that both parties are willing and able to comply with all of the necessary requirements before starting their DIY process.

Filing for DIY Divorce in New York

Getting a divorce can be a complicated and stressful process. While it is possible to hire a lawyer to handle the entire process, there are also options for couples who choose to go through the process of filing for a divorce on their own. This is known as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) divorce, and it can save couples time and money. In order to file for a DIY divorce in New York, couples must meet certain requirements and follow specific steps.

The first step in filing for a DIY divorce in New York is to make sure that both spouses meet the state’s residency requirements. Under New York law, either spouse must have been living in the state continuously for at least two years before filing for divorce. If one spouse has been living in another state during this period, then the couple may not be eligible for a DIY divorce in New York.

The next step is to make sure that both spouses are able to reach an agreement about all of the issues related to their divorce. This includes issues such as child custody and visitation, child support, alimony or spousal support, division of marital property, and any other unresolved matters related to the marriage or separation. If both parties are unable to agree on these issues, then they will need to hire an attorney or seek mediation services in order to work out an agreement between them.

Once an agreement has been reached between both parties, they must fill out the appropriate paperwork required by New York courts. This includes forms such as the Petition for Divorce/Judicial Separation form as well as any additional forms that may be needed depending on individual circumstances. The forms must be completed accurately and signed by both parties before they can be submitted to court.

After all of the necessary paperwork has been filed with the court, each spouse will receive notice that their case has been accepted and scheduled for hearing. At this point each spouse will need to appear at court on their designated date in order to present their case before a judge who will ultimately decide how all of the issues related to their marriage should be resolved. After hearing from both parties involved, the judge will issue an official decree granting either absolute or limited divorce based on all of the information presented during proceedings.

Filing for a DIY divorce in New York can save couples time and money while still ensuring that they receive fair and equitable results from their proceedings. By following these steps closely and making sure that all of the necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted on time, couples can ensure that their DIY divorce proceeds smoothly without any complications along the way.

Required Paperwork for DIY Divorce in New York

Filing for a divorce in New York can be a complicated process, especially if you are doing it yourself. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed and submitted to the court. Before you begin the process, it is important to understand what paperwork is required for a DIY divorce in New York.

The first step of filing for a divorce in New York is completing the Summons with Notice form or the Divorce Complaint form. This document informs the other party that you are filing for divorce and outlines what your expectations are regarding property division, alimony, child custody and support. The Summons with Notice form must be served upon the other party by an authorized individual who is not related to either party.

After the Summons with Notice or Divorce Complaint forms have been completed and served, you will need to file an Affidavit of Plaintiff form. This document serves as proof that all necessary documents have been filed and served upon the other party. It must also include information about any children involved in the case, such as their names, dates of birth and other relevant information.

In addition to these documents, you will also need to complete an Affidavit of Service form which must be filed with the court after serving your documents on the other party. If there are children involved in your case, you may also need to complete a Child Support Worksheet which will help determine how much child support should be paid by each parent.

Finally, if your case involves real estate or any other assets that need to be divided between parties then additional forms will need to be completed such as a Property Distribution Worksheet or Real Estate Transfer Tax Return form if applicable.

It is important to understand all of the paperwork requirements before beginning your DIY divorce case in New York so that you can ensure that all necessary documents are filed correctly and on time with the court system.

What to Expect During a DIY Divorce Process in New York

The divorce process in New York can be complex, particularly if you’re attempting to complete it on your own. Many couples choose to enlist the help of an attorney or mediator, but for those that are looking to save money and complete the process with minimal involvement of legal professionals, a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) divorce may be an option. Before embarking on a DIY divorce process in New York, it is important to understand what you can expect during the process.

First, you will need to decide which type of divorce is right for your situation. In New York, there are two basic types of divorce: contested and uncontested. An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree on all aspects of the divorce such as division of assets, child custody and visitation rights, spousal support and any other issues that need to be resolved. A contested divorce is one where the couple cannot agree on all issues and must go through a trial for these matters to be resolved by a judge.

Once you have decided which type of divorce is best for your case, you will need to file the appropriate paperwork with the court. In New York, this includes filing a Summons with Notice or Divorce Complaint and serving it on your spouse. You will also need to fill out various forms related to financial disclosure and settlement agreements if applicable. It’s important that all paperwork is accurate and completed properly in order for your case to proceed without delay or confusion.

After filing the necessary documents with the court, you will then have an opportunity for mediation or negotiation with your spouse or their attorney in order to reach a settlement agreement outside of court. If this fails, then your case will proceed through litigation and trial before a judge who will make decisions about division of assets and other matters at issue in your case.

Finally, once all matters have been resolved either through negotiation or at trial, both parties must sign a final Judgment of Divorce which outlines all terms agreed upon by both parties including division of marital property and child support payments if applicable. This document must then be filed with the court before the divorce is considered final and legally binding on both parties.

Completing a DIY divorce in New York can be complicated but understanding what steps are involved can help make the process easier and more efficient for those choosing this route over traditional legal representation or mediation services.

Overview of DIY Divorce in New York

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) divorce is a process that allows couples to dissolve their marriages without the need for a lawyer or court. This option can be an affordable and convenient way to get divorced, as it eliminates the need for a lawyer and any associated fees. In New York, DIY divorce is an option for couples who meet certain criteria and are willing to follow the process outlined by the state.

Eligibility Requirements

In New York State, couples must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to file for a DIY divorce. The couple must have no children together, must have agreed on how to divide their assets, and must not have any disputes over alimony or spousal support. Additionally, one spouse must currently reside in New York State and both parties must agree that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

How to File For Divorce

Once couples meet the eligibility requirements and decide that DIY divorce is right for them, they will need to download and fill out the necessary forms from their county’s website. These forms include an Affidavit of Defendant, a Summons With Notice, a Complaint for Divorce or Separation, an Affidavit of Plaintiff/Petitioner, and a Decree of Divorce/Separation. After completing the forms, both parties will sign them before submitting them together with payment at their county’s Supreme Court clerk’s office.

Costs of DIY Divorce in New York

The cost of filing for divorce in New York varies depending on which county you are filing in as well as whether you are filing as an individual or jointly with your spouse. Generally speaking, costs range from $210-$400 depending on these factors. Additionally, some counties may charge additional fees such as photocopying costs or court reporter fees.

FAQs on DIY Divorce in New York

Many people considering DIY divorce will have questions about the process and what they need to do in order to ensure that their case is handled correctly. Common questions include: How long does it take to get divorced using this method? (Answer: It typically takes between 6-8 weeks from start to finish); Do I need an attorney? (Answer: No – you do not need an attorney if you choose this option); What if I am not sure about some of the paperwork? (Answer: You can consult with a local legal aid office for assistance).


Do it yourself divorce in New York State is an option if you and your spouse are on good terms and do not have any major disagreements. It can save you time, money and stress, but it is important to make sure that you understand the process and that all paperwork is completed correctly. Make sure to consult a lawyer if you have any questions or concerns about the process.

Do it yourself divorce in New York State can be a great option for those who are able to reach an agreement between themselves and wish to avoid lengthy court proceedings. However, it is important to remember that the final decision on legal matters should always be left up to the courts. If you are unsure about any part of the process or have legal questions, be sure to seek professional advice.

Overall, do it yourself divorce in New York State may be a viable option for many couples who wish to end their marriage without going through complicated legal proceedings. As long as they take their time researching the process and consulting with professionals when needed, they can complete their divorce quickly and without too much stress.

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