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What techniques are recommended for creating the ears for the ‘Do It Yourself Divas Cat Costume’?

Do It Yourself Diva’s Cat Costume

DIY Cat Costume

Halloween is near, and you still don’t have a costume? Don’t panic! Making your own cat costume is easy and fun with Do It Yourself Divas. Follow these simple steps to create a feline look that will make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Black or gray sleeveless top
  • Black or gray leggings
  • Black or gray felt
  • Headband
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut out two triangles from the black or gray felt for the ears. Make them tall and narrow, resembling real cat ears.
  2. Glue the ears to the headband with the hot glue gun. Make sure to place them comfortably behind your own ears.
  3. Dress in the black or gray sleeveless top and leggings. These represent the cat’s fur.
  4. Using the remaining felt, cut out a cat tail, at least as long as your legs. You may want to add stuffing or wire to make it stand up.
  5. Attach the cat tail to the back of your leggings, near your butt. Use a hot glue gun or safety pins to keep it securely in place.
  6. Paint your face with a black nose, whiskers, and cat eyes. Alternatively, you can use a black eyeliner for the same effect.
  7. Complete the look with black boots or ballet flats to give you that purrfect final touch.
  8. Meow! You’re done! The DIY Divas’ Cat costume is sure to impress this Halloween. Don’t be shy; show off your costume at a party or while trick-or-treating (don’t forget to bring a bag for candy!)


This simple but stylish cat costume will not only save you money but also leave you feeling like a true diva. You can customize your cat look in any way you want, try adding accessories, or even painting your nails black to match. With DIY Divas, the possibilities are endless! Happy Halloween!

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