do it yourself cupcake costume


What materials do I need to make a do it yourself cupcake costume?

Do It Yourself Cupcake Costume

Cupcakes are delicious to eat, and they also make for a fun Halloween costume. With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what costume you want to wear. If you’re looking for a sweet and simple costume that is sure to impress, try making your own do it yourself cupcake costume. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress or spend a lot of money to make this costume, and you’ll love the end result.

Materials Needed:

  • Pink or brown t-shirt
  • Tulle in varying shades of pink
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Foam or batting
  • Felt in pink, white and brown
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Headband


Step 1:

Start by cutting the tulle into long strips approximately 12 inches wide and 18 inches in length. The number of strips you need will depend on the size of the t-shirt and how full you want your cupcake costume to be.

Step 2:

Next, sew the strips of tulle onto the t-shirt in a circular pattern. Make sure to overlap the tulle so there are no gaps. Continue until the entire shirt is covered in tulle.

Step 3:

Take the foam or batting and cut it into the shape of a cupcake. The foam should be approximately six inches in diameter and six inches in height. It should also be rounded at the top to resemble a cupcake.

Step 4:

Use your hot glue gun to attach the foam cupcake to the front of the tulle covered t-shirt. Make sure it is centered and secure.

Step 5:

Cut circular shapes out of the pink, brown and white felt. These will be used to create the frosting on top of the cupcake. The size of the circles will depend on the size of the foam cupcake.

Step 6:

Use your hot glue gun to attach the felt circles to the top of the foam cupcake. Start with the brown circle at the base, then add the pink circle, and finish with the white circle on top.

Step 7:

Take the remaining tulle and create a large bow to attach to the headband. This will serve as the cherry on top of the cupcake. Use the hot glue gun to attach the bow to the headband.

Step 8:

Pull on your finished cupcake costume and complete the outfit with some pink leggings and cute pink shoes. For a final touch, you can even add some sprinkles to your cheeks with a little bit of glitter.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Halloween costume, try making your own do it yourself cupcake costume. This easy and adorable costume will have everyone amazed and asking how you made it. Plus, it’s a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without indulging in too much candy.

Do-It-Yourself Cupcake Costume

Creating a unique costume for your next party doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to rely on store-bought costumes either! You can make your own do-it-yourself cupcake costume for your next Halloween, costume party, or any other event.

Start by gathering the items you’ll need. For a cupcake costume, you’ll need a large round cake tin or colander, colorful sponges or felt balls, fabric in shades of pink and white, a feather boa, glue and measuring tape. With these supplies, you can start transforming yourself into a cute cupcake!

First, cut a circular piece of fabric for the bottom of your cupcake. Place the cake tin or colander on the fabric and trace it. Cut it and set it aside. Next, sew rows of colorful sponges or felt balls along the edge of the fabric, making sure the colors alternate. To create the cupcake’s frosting, cut a piece of white fabric the same size as the circle you cut earlier and glue it on top.

Next, measure and cut two rectangular strips of fabric in both pink and white. Once they are cut, sew the two pieces together with a spoon stitch. This will create a cupcake liner. Then, glue the cupcake liner to the center of the cake tin. To create volume, use the feather boa to make cupcake “filler.” Glue it to the edges of the cake tin and to the interior of the cupcake liner. You can even cut out or shape the boa for a fun detail.

Now your do-it-yourself cupcake costume is complete! Pair the costume with any dress or skirt, or even your favorite pair of jeans for a casual look. With this cupcake costume, you’ll have people singing your praises from coast to coast. Enjoy!

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