do it yourself childrens pirate costume


What safety considerations should be taken into account when crafting the costume?

Do It Yourself Childrens Pirate Costume: Arrr Matey!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy costume idea for your little one, a pirate costume is a great choice! With a few materials and some creative flair, you can make a DIY childrens pirate costume that will have your little one ready to set sail on the high seas.


  • Black T-Shirt
  • Black Pants or Leggings
  • Red Bandana
  • Black Eyepatch
  • Toy Sword or Plastic Cutlass
  • Fabric Glue or Sewing Kit
  • Gold Foil Sheet


Step 1: Start with a solid black t-shirt and pants or leggings.

child wearing black T-shirt and black pants

Step 2: Cut a strip of gold foil to create a belt around the waist of the shirt. Use fabric glue or a sewing kit to attach the gold foil to the shirt at the front.

gold foil belt attached to a shirt

Step 3: Tie a red bandana around the head, making sure one point falls over the forehead.

child wearing a red bandana

Step 4: Create an eyepatch by cutting out a small rectangle from black felt. Attach elastic loops to the sides so that the patch can be secured around the head.

child wearing an eyepatch

Step 5: Add the finishing touch with a toy sword or plastic cutlass, which can be found at any toy store.

child playing with a toy sword

With these simple steps, your little pirate is ready to take on the high seas in style.


Making a childrens pirate costume is a fun and easy DIY project that requires minimal materials and effort. With a solid black t-shirt and pants or leggings, a red bandana, black eyepatch, toy sword or plastic cutlass, a gold foil belt, and a little bit of creativity, you can have your little one looking like a swashbuckling pirate in no time. So, gather your materials and get ready to set sail on a pirate adventure with your little one. Arrr matey!

It’s time to fulfill your kids’ dreams of masquerading as their favorite pirate with a DIY (Do It Yourself) children’s pirate costume! Here is an easy and fun guide to put together a pirate look for the littlest buccaneers.

Start with the basic pirate outfit. A white or striped collared shirt with puffy sleeves, a sash and a pair of brown or black trousers are essential. For a more authentic costume, add a vest or vest-like jacket to the ensemble. A bandana or scarf in a bold hue like crimson, eye patch and a hat with a bill add more pirate flair. If the pirate look is complete, accessorize with a toy sword, eye patch, telescope, a fake parrot and a bag of coins.

Add items like a fake beard or moustache, a cutlass or battle-axe and heavy boots to complete the look. Create a pirate symbol or flag doodled onto a bandanna and use it as a cape or tie it around the waist for a swashbuckling touch. Accessorize with a gold hoop earring to one ear and draw a scar penciled to the face or don a face mask. A sash, hat and a cutlass hung from it can make a great belt.

Decorate the face with thick black lines for a traditional look and use rouge, powder or lipstick for a rosier complexion. Style the hair with salt-waved locks, big curls or a top knot to complete the pirate transformation. Don’t forget to apply some theatrical makeup around the eyes and on the cheeks for final touches.

Whether they are dreaming to become an adventurous pirate or a fearsome buccaneer, your little pirate will take on the seas in style with this DIY costume. With a few supplies and the right attitude, your child will be ready to plunder the waters in search of treasure and glory!

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