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Captain America

What materials are needed to make a DIY Captain America costume?

Do It Yourself Captain America Costume

Captain America is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. He is strong, brave, and always ready to fight for what is right. If you want to dress up as Captain America for Halloween or a cosplay event, you don’t have to buy an expensive costume. With some creativity and a few basic materials, you can create your own DIY Captain America costume.

Materials needed

  • Blue T-shirt
  • White stars stickers
  • Red and white felt
  • Elastic band
  • Blue pants or leggings
  • Red boots


Follow these easy steps to make your own Captain America costume:

  1. Start with a blue T-shirt without any printings.
  2. Stick white star stickers on the t-shirt, just like on Captain America’s costume. Place small stars on the upper part of the T-shirt and a larger star on the chest area.
  3. Use red and white felt to make the stripes on the top-half of the arm. Cut thin stripes of red felt and glue them on white felt and stick them on the sleeve of the T-shirt. Repeat the process with white felt on the other arm.
  4. For the Captain America’s shield, you can either buy one or make one yourself. For a DIY version, you can use cardboard or foam and color it red, white and blue as per Captain America’s shield.
  5. Pair your T-shirt with blue pants or leggings.
  6. Finish off the costume with red boots. If you don’t have red boots, you can paint or wrap your regular shoes in red tape.
  7. Finally, add an elastic band to hold the shield in your hand and you’re ready to take on the world as Captain America.

Captain America Quotes to inspire you

Here are some of the most famous Captain America quotes to inspire you to be your own superhero:

“I’m loyal to nothing, General… except the dream.”

― Captain America

“The price of freedom is high… and it’s a price I’m willing to pay!”

― Captain America


With just a few materials and a little bit of creativity, you can create your own Captain America costume. Not only will you have a unique and affordable costume, but you’ll also be able to channel the bravery and courage of one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.

Summer is here and, with it, come a number of special occasions like costume parties, birthdays and more. If your child is a fan of Marvel’s “Captain America,” why not make them a one-of-a-kind homemade costume for their next costume event?

Making a Captain America costume is relatively easy and can be done within a few days, if you have all the materials available. The costume is made up of a few key pieces – the jumpsuit and accompanying accessories.

To begin, you should gather all the necessary materials. For the jumpsuit, you will need red, white, and blue fabric; blue thread, interfacing, and grommets; and elastic. Additionally, you will need to collect pieces to make the items that will complete the look: white gloves, a red belt, and a star symbol for the chest.

For the jumpsuit, trace a pattern onto the fabric, then cut out the pieces. Sew the pieces together to create the red, white and blue garment, using the interfacing to add structure. The sleeves and legs should have cuffs. Next, make the eyelets by attaching the grommets. To help define the look and keep the uniform in place, add strips of elastic across key pieces like the shoulders, waist, and ankles.

To finish the costume, make a star-shaped symbol for the chest and attach it over the garment. Add red detailing to the waist and sleeves, as well as white gloves. This can be done by simply painting the items with acrylic paint if desired. For the belt, tie a few pieces of red fabric together and loop it around the waist.

No Captain America costume would be complete without a shield. To make your own simple one, gather two pieces of cardboard in the desired shape and size. Paint it with silver and blue acrylic paint, then attach a handle to the back.

Creating a homemade Captain America costume is an easy and fun way to show your child how much you care. With just a few materials and some patience, your child will be the hero of any costume event.

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