do it yourself bo peep costume

do it yourself bo peep costume

Do it yourself

How long does it take to make the costume?

DIY Bo Peep Costume: Easy steps to become the adorable damsel

Are you looking for a cute and comfortable costume to dress up as your favorite Disney character Bo Peep? Then we have got you covered! With this guide, you can make your own Bo Peep costume and become the star of the party.

Bo Peep is the beautiful shepherdess who appears in the hit movie Toy Story. Her charming personality and elegant outfit have made her a favorite among kids and adults alike.

So, let’s jump into the making of our amazing DIY Bo Peep costume, and you’ll have a fantastic costume that everyone will love!

Things You Need For DIY Bo Peep Costume

  • Pink jumpsuit
  • Blue corset top
  • White cape
  • Pink hat
  • White lace socks
  • Black ballet flats or high heels
  • Toy story crook
  • Plastic flowers to decorate your hat or crook

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step One: The Pink Jumpsuit

The first step is to find a pink jumpsuit. You can either purchase one or make it yourself. If you make it, take a look at some online tutorials or sewing patterns to find the one that fits you best.

Step Two: Blue Corset

Next, take a blue corset top and pair it with your pink jumpsuit. If you don’t have one, you can make it out of a blue blouse or make a corset using a blue fabric.

Step Three: The Cape

The white cape is the third item you need, and you can easily purchase it from an online store or make it yourself. To make your cape, purchase a white fabric and sew it into the shape of a cape, don’t forget to add a ribbon or tie to help keep it in place.

Step Four: The Pink Hat

A pink hat is a must-have accessory for Bo Peep’s costume. You can easily purchase one in a party store or online. Alternatively, if you opt to make it yourself, you need a pink wool felt material, and follow the steps below:

  1. Cut a circle of the required size.
  2. Take double-sided tape and stick it around the rims of the hat
  3. Then, wrap the pink wool felt around the tape smoothly in a circular motion until you cover the entire hat.

Step Five: White Lace Socks and Shoes

Wear white lace socks and either black ballet flats or high heels to match the elegance of your Bo Peep outfit.

Step Six: Toy Story Crook and Plastic Flowers

The final piece is Bo Peep’s crook, which you can easily purchase online or make yourself at home. You can make the crook with a cane, a coat hanger, and a toy sheep at the end. To add a beautiful touch to your clothes, you can put some plastic flowers on your crook or hat.


Making your own DIY Bo Peep costume is fun, easy, and affordable. With some creativity and a little effort, you can become the most adorable damsel of the party. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have an unforgettable costume that everyone will love and appreciate. So the only thing left is to grab your crook, and get ready to charm the crowd as Bo Peep!

When looking for an affordable and fun Halloween costume, why not make a “Do It Yourself” Bo Peep costume? It’s easy, fun, and surprisingly budget-friendly.

Begin by finding a white dress or blouse and skirt, such as a white nightgown. Let the fun begin! Go wild with all the accessories: make a cone-shaped hat out of cardstock paper and about 4 yards of matching ribbon, or use a fabric covered wire frame base. Decorate it with lace, felt or faux flowers. Over the neckline, you can tie a big pink bow in a contrasting fabric. For the traditional shepherd’s crook, use a wooden cane, and wrap them in packaging paper.

Try to find a pair of classic white bloomers with lace trim. Wear your costume with traditional white stockings or tights, and a pair of white shoes. Complete the look with a basket filled with stuffed sheep and flowers, and you’ll look the part in no time!

Finally, if you want to add a little extra charm, give yourself a baby blue ribbon in your hair, such as in a bow for traditional styling. Adding a bonnet, cape, or even a basket of flowers will take your homemade costume from amateur to professional in no time. Whether you’re looking for a costume to wear to a party or an activity for craft time with the kids this Halloween, a DIY Bo Peep costume is perfect for both!

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