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Do it yourself

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Do It Yourself Amazon Warrior Costume

The Amazon warrior is a powerful and fierce symbol of strength and battle. It is no wonder that this costume has become a popular choice for Halloween and other costume occasions. However, with so many pre-made costumes on the market, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. That is why creating a do-it-yourself Amazon warrior costume is an excellent choice if you’re looking to impress.

So, grab your tools, and let’s begin!

Materials You Will Need

  • Leather or faux-leather material
  • Fabric glue
  • Twine
  • Grommets
  • Brown leggings or shorts
  • Brown sandals
  • Shield and spear (Optional)

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Create the Armor

The Amazon warrior’s armor is an essential part of the costume. To create this, you will need leather or faux-leather material. Cut the fabric into strips and glue them together to form a basic armor shape. Make sure that the sizes of the armor pieces fit your body.

Step 2: Add the Grommets

Using a tool, create holes where you want to add the grommets. The grommets serve to tie the armor together and secure it onto the body. You can choose to add grommets to the back or front of the armor.

Step 3: Add the Twine

Cut long pieces of twine to tie the armor together. Knot the twine through each grommet, ensuring the entire armor is secure. You can create a criss-cross pattern or any pattern of your choice.

Step 4: Add the Brown Leggings or Shorts

Pairing the armor with brown leggings or shorts will complement the overall look. Make sure the leggings fit well and do not distract from the armor. Brown sandals will also complete the look.

Optional: Add a Shield and Spear

If you want to enhance your Amazon warrior costume, adding a shield and spear is a great option. You can either purchase these or create them yourself using materials like cardboard or wood. Paint the shield and spear in bold, strong colors, such as gold or black.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your do-it-yourself Amazon warrior costume. Not only do you stand out in the crowd, but you also have a means to feel strong and confident. Flex those muscles like the fierce warrior you are and enjoy your costume!

Bring out the warrior in you with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Amazon warrior costume! After all, who doesn’t love to dress up and feel like a conquering army?

Whether for a party, Halloween, or a school play, this outfit is sure to take you from zero to hero in no time at all. It’s also affordable, easy to customize and fun to make.

Start by gathering the materials, which would include a pair of shoes and some comfortable leggings that can be dyed to the desired shade of brown. If the idea is to have a complete Amazon look, consider adding a leather vest and arm bands. These can be purchased online or at a costume shop and jazzed up with feathers and fabric. Don’t forget to include a faux bow and some wooden arrows.

The crowning glory is a headdress. This can be made by covering a jaunty cap with feathers. If a more imposing style is desired, look for a wide-brimmed hat and doll up with feathers, wings and ribbons.

Along with the armor, of course, will be some type of sword. Don’t forget a shield, which can be made from the same material as the other items. Finally, accessorize with some jewelry, such as a medallion necklace, dangling earrings and a leather bracelet.

Be sure to get creative! Add stripes, lettering, and other decorations to make your costume stand out from the rest. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Have fun with this project, and let the warrior in you shine. With a homemade Amazonian warrior costume, you’re sure to make a grand statement.

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