how to take good concert photos with iphone


What techniques do professional concert photographers use?

How to Take Good Concert Photos with iPhone

If you’re a music lover, nothing beats the experience of watching your favourite musicians perform live on stage. And if you’re also an avid photographer, you’re surely looking for ways to capture those memories forever. With today’s technology, you don’t have to carry around heavy camera equipment to take beautiful concert photos – your iPhone camera can do the job for you. But how can you take good concert photos with your iPhone? Here are some tips:

1. Position Yourself Strategically

One of the most important factors to consider when taking concert photos is your position in the audience. You’ll want to find a spot where you can see the stage clearly without any obstructions. Try to get as close to the stage as possible for better shots, but keep in mind that too close might result in blurry photos if you’re caught in the middle of a jumping crowd. If you can, try to find a spot that offers a clear view of the entire stage.

2. Use Natural Light

The type of lighting used during concerts can vary greatly depending on the venue, but it’s usually a mix of colourful stage lights, lasers, and smoke effects. While these lighting effects create an exhilarating atmosphere, they can also make it difficult to take clear photos. One way to tackle this issue is to use the natural light available. Try to position yourself so that you can capture the stage with the natural light from the venue’s ambient lighting. This will help your photos look natural and have a better balance of colours.

3. Use Burst Mode

Concerts are fast-paced events with a lot of movement and excitement. To capture the perfect moment, you’ll need to be quick on the draw with your camera. One way to achieve this is to use Burst Mode on your iPhone. By holding down the shutter button, you can capture multiple shots in a matter of seconds. This will help you capture fast movements and facial expressions in a single photo shoot.

4. Play with Exposure Control

Even with the best lighting, sometimes your concert photos may come out too dark or too bright. The good news is that your iPhone offers an exposure control feature that will help you adjust the brightness of your photos. To access this feature, simply tap on the part of the image you want to adjust the brightness for. Once the yellow box appears, swipe up or down to increase or decrease the exposure, respectively.

5. Edit Your Photos

After you’ve taken your concert photos, it’s time to edit them to make them look even better. Most iPhones come with internal editing software, but there are also many free and paid photo editing apps you can use. Some of the most popular editing apps include VSCO, Lightroom, and Snapseed. With these apps, you can crop, adjust brightness and contrast, and add filters to your photos to create a professional-looking result.

Now that you know how to take good concert photos with your iPhone, go out there and snap some pictures! Remember to have fun and enjoy the concert experience while capturing some unforgettable memories.

As technology advances, taking great photos with an iPhone is becoming easier and easier. With a few tips, you can take some amazing concert photos that will make all your friends jealous.

The key to taking great photos at a concert is to make sure you are prepared ahead of time. First, make sure you have a good spot with a clear, unobstructed view of the stage. It can be challenging to find this in bigger venues, so arrive early if you can.

Another important step is to make sure your iPhone is well prepared. Get an external battery pack so your battery won’t die midway through the show. Also, bring headphones so you can control the shutter sound if you need to. It’s also advised to bring a tripod or monopod to reduce camera shake and help you get steadier shots.

Once you’re all set up, it’s time to get to the actual photography. Here are a few tips for taking great concert photos with an iPhone:

– Use the burst mode or continuous shooting mode for faster shutter speed. This will help you capture more details and get better shots.

– When you take photos of performers, use backlighting to make them stand out. Doing this will add contrast and highlight the colors in the photo.

– Shoot in the highest resolution possible so your photos are sharp and clear.

– Use the portrait mode to make the subjects stand out. You can also use this mode to blur the background and enhance the focus on the subject.

– Finally, experiment with different angles and compositions to add interest to your photos. You could try taking a shot from the side or shooting from the crowd to add some dynamism.

With these tips, you will be able to take great concert photos with an iPhone. Taking these kinds of photos can be a lot of fun and you’ll have a great record of the concert. So don’t forget to bring your iPhone to the show and get ready for some great shots!

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