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What tools are available to edit a screen recording on an iPhone?

How to Speed Up a Screen Recording on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have noticed that the default screen recording feature can be quite slow. This can be frustrating if you are trying to record an important video or tutorial that needs to be uploaded quickly. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to speed up your iPhone screen recording process.

Clear Your iPhone’s Cache

The cache on your iPhone can slow down its performance, making screen recording a painful process. Clearing your cache regularly can speed up the phone’s performance. To do this, go to the Settings app, then General, and scroll down to “iPhone Storage”. From here, you can select “Offload Unused Apps” and “Delete App” to minimize the cache buildup.

Reduce the Recording Quality

High-quality recordings can take up a lot of space and time to save the recording file. Reducing the recording quality can help to speed things up. To do this, go to the Control Center and press and hold the screen recording icon until the options menu appears. Here, you can change the recording quality from the default maximum of 1080p at 60 fps to a lower setting.

Close Other Apps and Processes

Having too many apps and processes running on your iPhone can slow down the device’s performance and affect screen recording speed. Before you start to record, make sure to close all other apps and processes by swiping up on individual thumbnail previews in the app switcher. If you still get notifications while recording, activate Do Not Disturb mode to prevent them from interrupting your recording process.

Enable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh can help your iPhone performance by refreshing apps even when you’re not using them. With this option enabled, your device can allocate resources more efficiently, which might speed up your screen recording process. To activate Background App Refresh, go to “Settings,” then “General,” and select “Background App Refresh.” You can turn it on here or turn it off for certain apps.


By following these steps, you can significantly speed up your screen recording process on an iPhone. Clearing the cache, reducing the recording quality, closing other apps and processes, and enabling Background App Refresh can make a big difference in speeding up your phone’s performance.

Give these tips a try and enjoy a smooth and easy screen recording process on your Apple device.

For those of us who are creating tutorials or recording gameplay on iPhones for YouTube or other platforms, it can be incredibly useful to increase the speed of the screen recording. If your recordings are taking too long and you need to make them faster, here are a few tips that can help.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your device has the latest software available. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Software Update and checking for any available updates. After installing the latest software, you should find that the speed of the recording is much faster.

Next, you may want to consider using a third party app to help speed up the screen recording. There are a variety of apps available on the App Store that can increase the speed of the recording while also allowing for editing. Some of the more popular apps include ReplayKit, LumaFusion and QuickTime.

A third option is to adjust the settings of the screen recording. On your iPhone, you can go to Settings > Control Center and turn on Screen Recording. Then you can drag down the Control Center and tap on the Screen Recording button and adjust the settings to speed up the recording.

Finally, you can use a high-quality headset to help reduce any audio delay that may be impacting the speed of your screen recording. Good headsets can ensure that the recording is crystal clear and that the video and audio are synced properly.

Overall, these tips should help you speed up your screen recordings on your iPhone. Keep in mind, as new updates are released, you should always check to make sure your device is running the most current version to ensure the best results.

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