how to put out of office on outlook on iphone


Are there any extra steps to take when putting out of office on Outlook on an iPhone?

How to Put Out of Office on Outlook on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you going on vacation and need to let your colleagues and clients know that you won’t be available for a while? A simple out-of-office message can do the trick. Here’s how to put out of office on Outlook on iPhone:

Step 1: Open Outlook

Launch the Outlook app on your iPhone by tapping on its icon. It’s usually located on the home screen or in the app drawer.

Step 2: Go to the Settings Menu

On the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see the “Settings” icon. Tap on it to access the settings menu.

Step 3: Set Up Automatic Replies

In the settings menu, scroll down to find the “Automatic Replies” option. Tap on it to set up your out-of-office message.

Step 4: Create Your Message

The next screen will ask you to create your automatic reply message. You can customize it to include your name, the dates you’ll be out of the office, and any other relevant information. Be sure to keep it professional and concise.

Step 5: Turn on Automatic Replies

Once you’ve written your out-of-office message, toggle the “Automatic Replies” button to the on position to activate it. Make sure to choose the duration for the automatic reply – it can either be turned on indefinitely or for a specific period of time.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Before exiting the app, make sure to save your changes by tapping on the “Save” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will ensure that your out-of-office message is ready to go when you leave the office.


Putting out of office on Outlook on iPhone is an easy task that can help you avoid missed emails and unexpected calls during your time away. By following these simple steps, you can set up your automatic reply quickly and efficiently.

So, enjoy your time off, and let your colleagues and clients know that you’ll be back soon with a message that’s sure to impress!

We all know how difficult it can be to keep our emails organized when we’re away from the office. Fortunately, managing your emails on Outlook while away from your work computer is much easier than you may think. This article will show you how to use your iPhone to access and manage your Outlook out of office (OOF) messages.

The first step is to open the Outlook app on your iPhone and log in to your work email address. Once you have successfully logged in, you will notice several different options at the top of the Outlook home screen. Select the “Settings” option to access your account settings. This is where you will be able to manage your Out of Office (OOF) message.

Once you have opened your Outlook Account Settings, you will be presented with several more options. Scroll down until you find the “out of office” option and tap it. This will give you the opportunity to quickly create and enable your OOF message. You will need to provide a suitable subject line for your message and include the message you’d like to be sent to any people who contact you in your absence. This message should indicate when you will be able to respond to their email or call and when you will be back in the office.

Once you have created your message, you should then click the “Enable Out Of Office” button located at the bottom of your settings page. This will ensure that any emails sent to you while you’re away are automatically responded to with your OOF message. You can also opt to turn off the feature by clicking the “Disable Out Of Office” button.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to quickly manage and access your Out of Office messages using your iPhone. Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that any emails you are sent while away are responded to in a prompt and professional manner.

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