how to focus a blurry picture on iphone


What apps are available to help enhance the clarity of a blurry image taken on an iPhone?

Capturing special moments with your iPhone is a great way to keep memories alive. However, sometimes those treasured photos end up being blurry and out of focus. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to fix a blurry picture on your iPhone easily.

Step 1: Open the photo in the Photos app

First, open the Photos app on your iPhone and locate the blurry photo you want to fix. Tap on it to open it in full screen mode.

Photo app example

Step 2: Tap on Edit

Next, tap on the “Edit” button located at the top right corner of your screen. It will open up a range of editing tools for you to choose from.

Edit button example

Step 3: Tap on the Adjustments tool

After opening the editing tools, tap on the “Adjustments” tool tab. This will give you different options to adjust the picture to your liking.

Adjustments tool example

Step 4: Use the Sharpness slider to make the photo less blurry

Scroll down the list to find the sharpness tool. Use the slider to adjust the sharpness of the image by moving it to the right. The further to the right you slide it, the more sharpness will be applied to the photo. By applying sharpness, you will reduce the blur in the image.

Sharpness slider example

Step 5: Save the edited photo

Once you are happy with the level of sharpness you have applied, tap on the “Done” button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

This will prompt you to either save a copy of the edited photo or replace the original. If you are satisfied with the edited version, select “Save” and the photo will automatically replace the original with the edited version.


Fixing a blurry photo on the iPhone is simple with only a few steps involved. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily enhance your photos and make them more presentable. With a little effort, you can turn blurry memories into beautiful ones.

Having blurry pictures on your iPhone is something that you want to avoid! Whether you’ve taken a photo yourself or downloaded one from the internet, here’s a guide to help you focus a blurry image on your iPhone.

First of all, check your photo’s setting on your phone. Make sure the photo you wish to focus is taken with a good resolution and has not been stretched out or cropped in any way. A good resolution will give you the best chance of being able to focus the photo on your iPhone.

Next, open the photo in your photo editing app. There are a variety of different editing apps available on the App Store, each with their own set of features, so choose the one that works best for the photo you are trying to focus. Once the photo has been opened in the app, select the ‘Focus’ option. Here you can adjust the position of the image and change its focus.

Once you are happy with the focus of the photo, tap the “Save” button and select the “Optimized” option if it is available. This will reduce the size of the photo without losing any quality. If the optimized option isn’t available, select the “Full Quality” option instead.

Finally, once you have saved your newly focused photo, open it in the Photos app on your iPhone. Here you can easily make further adjustments to the photo such as brightness, contrast and sharpness. You can also crop or rotate the image and quickly share it with your friends and family.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully focus a blurry photo on your iPhone. With the right photo editing app, you can easily correct the focus of a photo and transform it into something amazing.

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