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What is the difference between singleplayer and multiplayer modes of crafting on Ark PS4?

Are you an ARK lover and a PS4 gamer? Do you want to know how to craft like a pro in ARK on your PS4? Well, your search ends here! In this article, we will guide you through the different ways of crafting in ARK on your PS4 and help you to be proficient in it.

Before we jump into the various crafting processes, let’s quickly recap what ARK is. ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure game with survival mechanics, set in an open-world environment where you can fight for your survival against different predators such as dinosaurs and other creatures. You have to gather resources to build and upgrade your base, weapons, and tools to survive in this world. Crafting plays a significant role in this game because it helps you to gain resources and survive longer.

Here are some steps to follow to craft on ARK – PS4:

Step 1: Gathering materials

The first step to crafting is gathering the required resources. Resources include wood, stone, thatch, berries, meat, hide, and much more. Resources can be obtained from various sources such as trees, rocks, bushes, animals, and even dead bodies. Use your pickaxe to gather rock and metal, and use your hatchet to gather wood and thatch.

Step 2: Creating a crafting station

Once you’ve collected all required materials, you need to create a crafting station. Crafting stations are stations that allow you to craft various items and structures that you’ll need throughout the game. The first crafting station that you need to create is the “handcrafting station,” which is the most basic type of crafting station. You can create more advanced crafting stations as you progress through the game. You can build these stations by pressing and holding the square button on your controller, and then selecting “Craftables” from the radial menu.

Step 3: Crafting

After building the crafting station, you can now start crafting. Open the crafting menu by holding the touchpad button on the controller. Here you will find a list of available recipes that you can craft. Recipes are divided into several categories such as crafting materials, structures, armor, weapons, and much more. Select the recipe you want to craft and press “Craft.” This will start the crafting process.

Step 4: Placing and using your crafted objects

After crafting the desired item, you will need to place it to use it. You can do this by accessing your inventory by pressing the triangle button on the controller. Here you’ll find all your items, and you can select the desired item and place it in the world. Once you’ve placed the item, you can now use it.

In conclusion, crafting is a crucial aspect of ARK survival gameplay, and with these simple steps, you’ll be able to craft like a pro on PS4. Gather resources, create a crafting station, craft items, and place them into the world. Always keep an eye out for predators and other hostile creatures while crafting. Happy crafting!

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