how to craft a suspicious looking eye

how to craft a suspicious looking eye


What materials would be most useful for creating an eye with a suspicious look?

How to Craft a Suspicious Looking Eye

So, you want to create a suspicious looking eye? Whether it’s for a Halloween costume or just for fun, there are a few steps you can follow to achieve the desired effect. Here’s how:


  • White contact lens
  • Black eyeliner
  • Red eyeshadow or eyeliner
  • Tweezers
  • Mascara

Step 1: Apply the white contact lens

First things first, you’ll need to wear a white contact lens to create the illusion of a suspicious eye. Use tweezers to place the lens in your eye. Be careful not to scratch your eye or drop the lens.

Step 2: Outline the eye with black eyeliner

Using a black eyeliner, carefully outline your eye. Make the line thicker than you usually would to create the impression of a shady eye.

Step 3: Add some red

Next, use a red eyeshadow or eyeliner to add a touch of red to the outer corner of your eye. This gives the appearance of a bloodshot eye. Blend it in well, so it looks natural.

Step 4: Darken the eyelashes

Thicken and darken your lashes using your favorite mascara. You can also use fake lashes. Intriguing eyes always have longer lashes to draw attention to them.

Step 5: Final touch

Your suspicious looking eye is almost finished! Make final adjustments, such as, you could add some shadows to your eye socket to enhance the mysterious and suspicious eye or use lighter shades of foundation to create a pale skin tone to make you look more ghostly. And that’s it! You’re ready to show off your suspicious looking eye.

Remember, this is only a makeup design. Do not actually try to give an impression of any disease or disturbance that may cause anxiety to people around you.

If you are looking for a way to increase your artistic skills, crafting a suspicious looking eye could be a great starting point. Crafting an eye that looks suspicious can add an interesting dynamic to any artistic project. The following steps can help you create a suspicious eye of your own.

First, sketch the eye on a piece of paper or on a canvas. It is important to focus on the size, shape, and position of the eye. Pay attention to the details such as the eye shape and position. Draw everything in pencil first, then fill it in with colour.

Once the basic shape of the eye is complete, it’s time to add details that make it look suspicious. Start by adding a shadow to the eye, making sure it starts to the left of the eye. You can also add a dark line above the eye to give it an angry or worried feeling. Additionally, semi-circles around the iris can create a wary look.

Next, it is time to add a colour. Pick a colour that is slightly darker than the background colour, such as a yellow-orange, so it will stand out. Carefully colour-in the eye and blend the colour towards the edges to give the eye a more natural look.

Finally, add a light source to make the eye look more suspicious. To do this, lightly brush some gentle highlights around the eye. This will bring it to life and make it appear even more suspicious.

With these steps, you can craft a suspicious looking eye to add a unique touch to any project. Start with a sketch and then add details such as shadows and highlights to create an interesting and suspicious eye. With a bit of practice, you will be able to craft a suspicious looking eye with ease.

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