how to cook in dayz


How do I identify edible and inedible items in the game world?

Cooking in DayZ is an essential part of survival, especially if you aspire to live long enough to navigate the undead-infested world. While sourcing food can be challenging, cooking them can add layers of complexity as the game requires players to gather firewood, ignite fires, and even improvise cooking utensils. If you’re looking to learn how to cook in DayZ, read on.

Firstly, you should source the ingredients you want to cook. You can do this by scavenging ruined buildings, farms, and hunting wild animals with a knife, axe or gun. Foods may include raw meat, canned goods, vegetables, fruits, and even medicinal herbs. Once you have gathered your ingredients, you need to assess your location and determine if it is safe to start a fire.

In DayZ, there are several types of fires you can build. The most common is the Cookpark, which requires 8 stones and can be ignited with matches, a flare, or a hand drill. Another type is the Fireplace, which is a structure made of bricks requiring a lot of space and resources to build, but provides more safety and heat. Then there’s the Bonfire, which requires a special kit but provides an enormous amount of heat and illumination to your surroundings.

Once you have built a fire, you need to add a metal cooking pot, pan or skewer and fill it with water from a well or any other source of clean water. When the water is boiling, you can add a variety of ingredients to cook and even season them with salt, sugar, pepper or other herbs that you’ve gathered. Cooking time depends on the type of food, but most foods can be cooked in about 10-15 minutes. You can also add more water to the pot and improvise a stew.

Keep in mind that cooking fires may attract zombies, and the light can be seen from far away, so it’s essential to be vigilant. After cooking your food, make sure to extinguish the fire before leaving your location to avoid drawing any unwanted attention.

In summary, cooking in DayZ is a crucial survival skill that requires planning and execution. You need to gather ingredients, build a fire, boil water, and improvise cooking utensils to cook your food. DayZ provides different types of fires to suit your preferences and situation, and you can also improvise stews. Remember to be careful and extinguish the fire before leaving. Happy cooking, and safe travels!

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