how to connect ultimate ears to iphone


Does an adapter need to be used when connecting Ultimate Ears to iPhone?

How to Connect Ultimate Ears to iPhone

If you are a music lover and own an iPhone, you know the importance of pairing your device with the right speaker. Ultimate Ears is a brand that provides quality speakers and is compatible with all types of devices, including iPhones. In this article, we’ll guide you through simple steps on how to connect Ultimate Ears to iPhone.

Step 1: Turn on your Ultimate Ears speaker

Before connecting your speaker to the iPhone, you need to make sure your ultimate ears speaker is on and ready to connect. Look for the on/off button and hold it until the speaker beeps or the LED lights flash. This means that the speaker is now in pairing mode and ready to connect with your iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone

For the iPhone to recognize your ultimate ears speaker, first, turn on Bluetooth in your device. To do this, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and slide the toggle to turn it on.

Step 3: Choose your Ultimate Ears speaker from the list of available devices

Once Bluetooth is enabled in your iPhone, a list of available devices will appear on the screen. Scroll down until you find your ultimate ears speaker and tap on it to select it.

Step 4: Wait for the devices to pair

After selecting your ultimate ears speaker from the list of devices, wait for both devices to connect. You’ll know they have connected when you see the message ‘Connected’ displayed on your screen. Now you can play your favorite songs or anything that you want to listen through the ultimate ears speaker.

Additional Tips

If you’re still having trouble pairing your Ultimate Ears speaker with your iPhone, try the following:

  • Make sure the speaker is close enough to your iPhone to establish a connection.
  • Restart your iPhone and try again from step 1.
  • Ensure your speaker is fully charged and turned on before trying to connect.
  • Double-check that you have selected the right speaker from the list of available devices.

Final Thoughts

Pairing your Ultimate Ears speaker with your iPhone is a straightforward process. Follow the simple steps above, and you’ll be enjoying your music in no time. Remember, you can always try the additional tips if you’re facing problems connecting the two devices. Happy listening!

Are you having difficulty connecting your Ultimate Ears (UE) product to an iPhone? Fear no more as this article will provide an easy guide to connecting your UE device to an iPhone.

Firstly, make sure your UE product is fully charged with a Micro USB cable. This can vary from a UE Boom, UE Roll or UE Wonderboom speaker, therefore make sure you are using the correct cable for the product.

Secondly, determine if your UE product requires Bluetooth or the UE app. UE Boom and UE Wonderboom require Bluetooth to pair to an iPhone, while UE Roll requires the UE app.

For those using UE Boom or UE Wonderboom, turn on Bluetooth from your iPhones home screen, swipe up for ‘Control Center’ and tap Bluetooth icon. Then press and hold the Bluetooth button located on the UE device for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth light starts flashing. The device should now appear in your iPhones list of Bluetooth devices. Select the name of the device and tap ‘connect’.

For those using UE Roll, download the UE app, if it is not already on your iPhone. Open the UE app and ‘Connect’ your UE Roll to the app. Once you have connected your product, the iPhone should automatically connect to your UE Roll whenever it is within Bluetooth range.

Finally, ensure that your iPhone is only connected to one UE device at a time, otherwise the audio will not be heard from the UE product.

In conclusion, follow these simple steps to connect your UE product to an iPhone. Always ensure that your product is charged and your product’s connectivity requirements, whether it’s Bluetooth or the app. Finally, always make sure you are connected to one UE device at a time, for optimal sound.

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