how to connect sesh evo earbuds to iphone


How do I ensure my Sesh Evo earbuds are correctly paired to the iPhone?

How to Connect Sesh Evo Earbuds to iPhone

Are you excited to use your new Sesh Evo earbuds on your iPhone but don’t know how to connect them? Don’t worry; we got you covered! In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of connecting your Sesh Evo earbuds to your iPhone

Step 1: Turn ON your Sesh Evo Earbuds

The first step you need to take is to turn on your Sesh Evo earbuds. You can do this by pressing and holding the button on the earbud for at least 3-4 seconds. You will hear a small beep sound, which indicates that your earbud has been turned on.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone

To connect your Sesh Evo earbuds to your iPhone, you need to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings and click on the Bluetooth option. Once you find it, turn it on by clicking the toggle button next to it.

Step 3: Pair Sesh Evo Earbuds with iPhone

After enabling Bluetooth on your iPhone, you need to pair your Sesh Evo earbuds with it. To do this, press and hold the button on your earbuds for five seconds until you see the LED light flashing. Your earbuds are now in pairing mode.

On your iPhone, select ‘Sesh Evo’ from the list of available devices in the Bluetooth settings. You will see a prompt message asking you to connect, click on the connect option, and your earbuds will be paired with your iPhone instantly.

Step 4: Test the Connection

Once your Sesh Evo earbuds are connected to your iPhone, it’s time to test the connection. Open your favorite music app or video, and you’ll hear the sound coming from your earbuds. Try moving around while playing audio to see if there are any connection issues. If everything is working fine, congratulations! You have successfully connected your Sesh Evo Earbuds to your iPhone.


Connecting Sesh Evo Earbuds to an iPhone is a pretty simple process. Just turn on your earbuds, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone, pair them with each other, and you’re good to go. With the easy-to-follow steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to connect your Sesh Evo Earbuds to your iPhone with ease. Enjoy your music and make the most out of your earbud experience!

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