how crafting orders work

how crafting orders work


What materials are involved in crafting orders?

How Crafting Orders Work

Crafting orders are an essential aspect of any crafting-based game. Crafting items takes time and effort, and crafting orders help players organize their crafting queue. In this article, we’ll explain how crafting orders work and how they can help you level up your crafting game.

What is a Crafting Order?

A crafting order is a request to craft a specific item. Players can queue up to multiple crafting orders at once to speed up the production of various items. These orders can be organized and prioritized based on the player’s current game needs.

How to Place a Crafting Order?

To place a crafting order, players need to have a crafting station or other appropriate tools to craft the desired item. Once they have access to the necessary crafting tools, they can choose the item they want to craft and initiate the order. The crafting order will then appear in the crafting queue, and players can add more orders or delete them as needed.

Organizing Crafting Orders

Organizing crafting orders is crucial to ensure a player’s crafting needs are met systematically. They can organize the orders based on priority, time required, and resources needed. Prioritizing the crafting orders can help players ensure they complete the most important items first, while organizing them by time required can help with time management.

Completing Crafting Orders

Once the crafting order is up next in the queue, players need to have all the required resources and tools in their inventory before starting the crafting process. They can then spend the time required to complete the order, and the item will be added to their inventory once done. However, if the player doesn’t meet the required resources or doesn’t have enough time to complete the crafting order, the item will have to wait in the queue, and the player has to initiate the crafting process again once they have met the requirements.


Crafting orders are an integral part of crafting games. They help to organize a player’s crafting queue, ensuring that they can prioritize their crafting needs systematically. By understanding how crafting orders work, it’s easier to level up your crafting game by efficiently utilizing the available resources and time to meet your crafting requirements.

Crafting orders work in a way that’s simple once you understand the process. Starting a crafting order can be done in several different ways. First, you need to create an idea for what you want to craft. This could be a piece of furniture, a fabric item, a bag, or any other creative item.

Once you decide what you want to craft, you then need to create a design for it. This can be done by either creating a detailed sketch or by using a program such as Adobe Photoshop to create a 2D design. Keep in mind that the design should be specific enough so that you can replicate it once you start the project.

Once you have finalized the design, you should figure out what materials you will need for the project. This includes the types of wood, fabric, hardware, or any other essential items. Calculate the costs associated with the materials so that you can create an accurate budget for the project.

Next, you should find an available craftsperson who is willing to take on the project. Ask them for quotes on the project and compare them to make sure you get the best deal. Communicate with the craftsperson to make sure they understand what design you are making and what materials will be needed.

Once you have found a craftsperson and agreed on the terms, you can then move forward with the project. The craftsperson will create the item using the materials provided and make sure it is crafted to the highest possible standards. Once the item is ready, you can inspect it and pay the craftsperson for their work.

Crafting orders can be a great way to create unique and beautiful items. All it takes is some careful planning to make sure the project is completed on time and within budget.

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