does agnes hailstone sell her crafts

does agnes hailstone sell her crafts


Where does Agnes Hailstone sell her crafts?

Does Agnes Hailstone Sell Her Crafts?

Agnes Hailstone is a renowned reality television star famous for her appearances in the National Geographic Channel’s reality TV show Life Below Zero. Her skills in crafting traditional items and survival techniques have won her millions of fans across the globe. Many of her fans have been wondering whether Agnes sells her crafts after making them on the show.

Well, the answer is yes. Agnes sells her crafts whenever she has them available. However, being located in the remote wilderness means that access to her materials is limited, which can make her craft merchandise difficult to find.

What Does Agnes Hailstone Make?

Agnes Hailstone is a skilled artisan who makes a variety of traditional items, including clothes, bags, and shoes. She also creates home decor items and tools such as knives and snowshoes. She often uses materials sourced from the land around her, such as animal skins. Her crafts are not only beautiful but also functional and sturdy.

Where Can You Buy Agnes Hailstone Crafts?

Agnes’ crafts are not widely available in stores or online. However, you can occasionally find her merchandise on the official Life Below Zero website. The site features a collection of Agnes’ handmade items that are available for sale. Some of the items included on the site are fur hats, moccasins, and ornate earrings.

Another way to purchase Agnes’ crafts is to visit some local markets in Alaska. Agnes occasionally sells her merchandise at markets, but with her unpredictable wilderness lifestyle, it’s best to check beforehand. Since Agnes is usually busy subsistence hunting and fishing, she may not have time to produce a specific number of items. Therefore, the merchandise may be limited.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Agnes Hailstone and her beautiful crafts, it’s possible to purchase some of her handmade items. The best way to buy her crafts is to visit the Life Below Zero official website or attend one of the local markets in Alaska, where she sometimes sells her works. However, the availability of her crafts can be limited due to the challenges of living in a remote area. Therefore, obtaining her merchandise requires a certain degree of patience, persistence, and good luck.

Agnes Hailstone is a beloved star of the Discovery Channel reality television series “Life Below Zero”. She is an Inupiat woman living in the remote town of Noorvik, Alaska and relying on her skill in crafting to survive life in the wild. As many fans have wondered, does Agnes Hailstone sell her crafts?

The answer is yes, Agnes Hailstone does indeed sell her crafts. She has a website,, which sells the items she creates, ranging from fur hats and mittens to moose hide moccasins and caribou skin moccasins. Furthermore, Agnes sells her crafts during her travels, often at art fairs and similar events. She is a master at custom hunting accessories and apparel repaired or tailored to fit customers’ exact requirements.

Besides her website, Hailstone has an Etsy store, which features her handmade products and Inuit artifacts. Her Etsy store has hundreds of items, across 384 different sales, including customized clothing, traditional hunting accessories, and even traditional fishing tools. Despite the singularity of her wares, Agnes is able to sell them through Etsy.

For fans of “Life Below Zero” and Agnes Hailstone, purchasing one of her crafts is a great way to show their appreciation for her time-honored hunting and crafting skills. With her Etsy store and website, customers can find a wide variety of Agnes’ creations and support her in a tangible way.

In conclusion, yes, Agnes Hailstone does sell her crafts; in fact, she has a website and Etsy store through which customers can purchase her handmade items. Fans of the show can find something unique and special to take home to remember Agnes Hailstone and her life in Noorvik, Alaska.

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