do it yourself unicorn costumes for girls age 10

do it yourself unicorn costumes for girls age 10


How detailed should the decorations for a do it yourself unicorn costume for a 10 year old girl be?

Do It Yourself Unicorn Costumes For Girls Age 10

Unicorns are currently one of the most popular mythical creatures among kids. From toys to clothes, every little girl wants something unicorn-themed. Why not take it up a notch and create a unicorn costume for your 10-year-old daughter to wear for Halloween or a dress-up party? Here are a few do-it-yourself unicorn costume ideas:

Sparkly Unicorn Tutu

A tutu is an easy and affordable way to create a magical unicorn look. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase tulle (in white, pink, purple, and/or blue)
  2. Cut the tulle into strips (around 20-25cm in length)
  3. Tie the tulle strips onto an elastic waistband until it’s full and fluffy
  4. Sew or hot glue metallic ribbon or silver rhinestones to the tutu
  5. Purchase a unicorn headband and create your horn using gold glitter foam and a cardboard roll

Unicorn Onesie

A unicorn onesie is a perfect solution for a comfortable and practical costume. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase a white onesie
  2. Download a unicorn horn headband template from the internet and cut it out of gold glitter foam
  3. Create eye lashes using black felt and attach them above the eyes of the onesie hood
  4. Add some finishing touches like metallic ribbon and silver rhinestones

Flower-Crown Unicorn

A flower-crown unicorn costume is perfect for girls who love flowers and unicorns. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a flower crown using fake flowers, a headband, and hot glue
  2. Purchase a white tutu from a craft store or online
  3. Print out a unicorn face template and draw it onto a plain white t-shirt
  4. Attach the tutu to the shirt using hot glue or sewing
  5. Add some finishing touches like metallic ribbon and silver rhinestones


These do-it-yourself unicorn costumes are perfect for girls age 10. They are simple, affordable, and can be made using everyday materials. Whether you choose a sparkly unicorn tutu, a comfy unicorn onesie, or a flower-crown unicorn, make sure to add some finishing touches to create a magical look and feel. Your daughter will love dressing up and feeling like a unicorn princess.

If you have a girl between the ages of eight and eleven, chances are that her favorite thing at the moment is unicorns. Her most desired look for Halloween 2020 is likely a DIY unicorn costume. Fortunately, creating a unicorn costume for a young girl does not have to be expensive or time consuming.

You can start by purchasing a white hoodie. You will also need felt, scissors, fabric glue, rick rack, glue gun and white, pink, blue and silver spray paint. You can also add an antenna, or two glitter-tipped twigs or sparkly pipe cleaners.

Begin by cutting a large horn shape out of the felt and glue it in the middle of the hood of the hoodie. You will want to use fabric glue to ensure the horn stays in place and doesn’t come apart. Next, glue rick rack around the base of the horn. This will give it some extra dimension.

Once the horn is complete, it’s time to tackle the eyes. Cut two small circles slightly larger than the size of the horn from felt and glue them on either side of the hood. Spray paint a silver stripe down the front of the white hoodie and use the spray paint to add some blue and pink patches (unicorn fur!) to the hoodie’s shoulders and wrists. Making sure to move the feathers and antenna out of the way, spray paint them with silver so the antenna, wings and feathers look sparkly and new. Finally, add the antenna to the top of the unicorn horn using a glue gun.

By using materials you have around the house, it’s possible to easily create a fun and inexpensive DIY unicorn costume for your little girl. With a few basic items, like felt and spray paint, you can create a costume that will make your daughter smile.

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