do it yourself pebbles costume

do it yourself pebbles costume


How much does it typically cost to make a do it yourself pebbles costume?

DIY Pebbles Costume: A Fun and Easy Way to Stand Out!

Pebbles Flintstone Costume

Are you looking for a creative and unique Halloween costume idea? Why not go for a classic character from your childhood? Pebbles Flintstone is an adorable and recognizable option that is also easy to make yourself.


To create your own Pebbles costume, you will need:

  • Green shirt or top
  • Orange shorts or skirt
  • Brown rope or belt
  • Tan shoe covers or tan shoes
  • Bone-shaped hair clip or hairband


Follow these steps to assemble your Pebbles costume:

  1. Put on your green shirt or top.
  2. Wear your orange shorts or skirt.
  3. Wrap the brown rope or belt around your waist and tie it in a knot.
  4. Wear the tan shoe covers or shoes.
  5. Put on the bone-shaped hair clip or hairband.
  6. Increase the authenticity with some simple makeup. Pebbles had a small nose and freckles, so a few dots on each cheek and a light touch-up will do the trick.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some ideas to help make your Pebbles costume even better:

  • Make your own bone-shaped hair clip or hairband using some cardboard or foam paper and string.
  • If you don’t have green, any light-colored shirt or top will do. You can also use a green jacket or vest for added warmth.
  • Choose shoes or shoe covers that are comfortable and easy to walk in.
  • For a group costume, get your friends to dress up as other Flintstones characters like Fred, Wilma, or Barney.

In Conclusion

By following these simple steps and using a few creative ideas, you can make your own Pebbles costume that is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party or event. Embrace your inner child and celebrate this classic character in style!

The Halloween festivities are in full swing this year, and people are busy planning costumes for the much-loved holiday. For those looking for an easy, budget-friendly costume choice this year, a “do-it-yourself pebbles costume” is perfect. Pebbles, the daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, has become a popular costume choice in recent years.

The first step in creating a Pebbles costume is obtaining a few basic items. You will need either a pair of white joggers and a white t-shirt or a simple pink dress. A few feet of pink fabric and white fabric will be used to create the rest of the costume. A pair of white shoes and a white headband with a pink bow. For the full Pebbles look, purchase a brown wig and if desired, white gloves to go along with the outfit.

The next step is creating Pebbles’ classic look from the cartoons. Use some of the pink fabric to create the frilly skirt. The most iconic component of the costume is the famous bony top with frilly shoulders. Cut the white fabric into a child-sized strapless dress and glue the frilly edges of the pink fabric to each side of the straps for shoulder detail. Mark the center of the top part of the dress with a needle and sew a button in to give the bony look. Finally, glue the pink fabric to make “bone” patterns on the front and back of the top.

Finish off the Pebbles costume with a few of her signature accessories like pearls, a bone-shaped necklace, and a bone-shaped hair clip. This can be made by cutting two bones shapes out of the fabric, gluing them back-to-back, and adding an elastic band. The possibilities for creating a fun, do-it-yourself Pebbles costume are endless. So, this Halloween, try out a Pebbles Halloween costume and flaunt that great prehistoric look.

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