do it yourself oktoberfest costume

do it yourself oktoberfest costume

Do it yourself

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Do It Yourself Oktoberfest Costume: Celebrate the German Festival in Style

Oktoberfest is an annual German festival held in Munich, where people gather to celebrate their traditions, culture, and of course, beer! The festival is incomplete without traditional Bavarian costumes, known as Dirndls (for women) and Lederhosen (for men). If you’re planning on attending an Oktoberfest party, why not make your own costume and stand out from the crowd? Here’s how to make a do-it-yourself Oktoberfest costume.

What You’ll Need

– A blouse or shirt: Choose a white, puffy-sleeved blouse or shirt with a square neckline.

– A skirt or shorts: Opt for a knee-length skirt or shorts in a blue color.

– Dirndl apron or suspenders: Dirndl aprons are traditional Bavarian aprons that tie around the waist over the skirt. Alternatively, you can choose to wear suspenders if you’re opting for Lederhosen.

– Shoes: Slip on a pair of comfortable ballet flats for a classic look.

– Accessories: Finish off your Oktoberfest look with a traditional hat or feather fascinator and a necklace made of Edelweiss flowers, a symbol of Alpine love and fidelity.

The Costume

To make the costume, start by wearing the blouse or shirt tucked into the skirt or shorts. Place the apron over the skirt and tie it at the waist. Alternatively, if you’re opting for a pair of Lederhosen, wear suspenders over your shirt or blouse. Slip on your pair of ballet flats, and your outfit is complete.

A Fun Twist

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add a fun twist to your costume? You can wear a corset top in place of the blouse, or choose a brightly colored skirt instead of the traditional blue color. Make a statement by accessorizing with bright-colored jewelry or adding funky tights to your outfit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your Oktoberfest costume, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

The Bottom Line

Making your own Oktoberfest costume is not only cost-effective, but it also adds a personal touch to your outfit. By following these simple steps, you can create a traditional and unique look while celebrating the German festival in style. So, grab your beer stein and put on your Dirndl or Lederhosen – it’s time to party!

It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting ready to don the traditional Bavarian costumes and celebrate Oktoberfest! If you have decided to join the merriment, but do not have the budget to get or rent a store bought Oktoberfest costume, there is no need to worry. With a few basic materials and some creative ideas, you can easily create your own Do It Yourself (DIY) Oktoberfest costume.

The key elements for a traditional Oktoberfest costume are a pair of Lederhosen for men, a Dirndl for women, and for both genders, a Tyrolean hat. While you can find readymade sets of these items in a range of colors and styles, you can easily make one of your own from scratch or from the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

To create a Lederhosen, you will need some sturdy material, such as denim or leather. Measure yourself and sketch out the pattern of the pants onto the material. Make sure to cut out pockets and a flap front; also add additional elements such as embroidery or fringes, if desired. Hem the bottoms of the pants and add suspenders and buttons. To create a Dirndl, sew a blouse and a full skirt, using the same notions as mentioned above.

To embellish your Oktoberfest costume further, you can add the usually seen accessories such as colorful knee socks, a neckerchief, or a decorative belt. For the hat, you can use any type of felt or straw material; roll the fabric into a cone shape, fold the ends and stitch together. To complete the look, add a feather or a flower for an exaggerated style.

Creating your own DIY Oktoberfest costume does not have to be difficult. With some creative ideas, a few materials and a bit of patience, you can easily make a unique and stylish costume sure to make you the envy of the festival.

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