do it yourself minnie mouse costume for adults

do it yourself minnie mouse costume for adults

Do it yourself

How can I create a ‘bowed ears’ headband for a Minnie Mouse costume?

Do It Yourself Minnie Mouse Costume For Adults

Mickey and Friends

What You Will Need

  • Red polka dot dress or skirt with a white top
  • Black felt or fabric paint
  • White gloves
  • Black headband
  • Cardboard or foam for ears
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Making the Ears

  1. Cut out two circles (about 4 inches in diameter) from cardboard or foam.
  2. Cover the circles with black felt or fabric, making sure to glue the edges down
  3. Attach the ears to the black headband, gluing them in place.

Adding the Dots

  1. Using black felt or fabric paint, create polka dots on the white top and red skirt or dress
  2. Optional: add a white ruffle to the bottom of the skirt for a more authentic Minnie Mouse look

Completing the Look

  1. Put on the white gloves
  2. Add a bow to the headband for a cute touch

By following these easy steps, you will have a fantastic and affordable Minnie Mouse costume that will blow everyone away!

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The iconic, beloved character of Disney’s Minnie Mouse is iconic for all ages and a favorite amongst adults, young and old. While not usually seen as a costume option for adults, you can still bring this classic character to life with some creativity and DIY! Building your own Minnie Mouse costume for yourself or another adult is fun, easy, and budget friendly. Making this costume does not require any special skills and can be done with a few simple, readily available pieces.

To start, you will need a dress. When creating a Minnie Mouse costume for adults, choose a dress with a white skirt and black top, such as a skater dress. Many brands make the perfect skater dresses for this look, or you can create your own with fabric and a sewing machine or no-sew fabric glue. For the skirt, you will also need some black ribbon, faux fur, and fabric glue to make the characteristic Minnie Mouse skirt. Apply the fabric glue to the ribbon to create stripes and attach it to the skirt. Then attach the faux fur at the hemline of the skirt with fabric glue to add some texture and dimension.

Next, you will need some accessories to complete your Minnie Mouse costume. An oversized black hair bow is essential. You can find them in most costume stores or you can make your own with a rectangular strip of black fabric, a hair clip, and some fabric glue. To add some more sparkle to the costume, you may opt for a pair of polka dot tights or white, oversized gloves with black dots. And for a finishing touch, find some fun red shoes or boots to give your look the classic Minnie vibes.

Creating a Minnie Mouse costume for adults is a fun and unique way to express your love of this well-known character. With a few simple items, you can make a costume that is easy on the wallet and will complete any Minnie Mouse look.

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