do it yourself lobster costume

do it yourself lobster costume


What are some tips for crafting a realistic lobster costume?

If you are looking for a creative and inexpensive Halloween costume, why not try creating your very own lobster costume? It’s a fun and unique costume that will have everyone talking!

Materials needed:

  • Red sweatshirt and pants
  • Red felt fabric
  • Scissors
  • Red spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Black sharpie
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Red gloves
  • Red socks


  1. Begin by preparing your sweatshirt and pants. Lay them flat and use the red spray paint to add some extra color and texture to your costume.
  2. Next, use the red felt fabric to cut out eight legs and two claws for your lobster costume. The legs should be long enough to connect to your red gloves, while the claws should be large enough to cover the tips of your shoes.
  3. Once you have all of your felt pieces cut out, use the glue gun to attach the legs to your gloves and the claws to your shoes.
  4. With a black sharpie, add some detail to your claws and legs, such as stripes or patterns.
  5. Next, take some red pipe cleaners and twist them around your finger to create antennae. Attach them to a red beanie or headband for your lobster hat.
  6. Finally, put on your red socks and your completed sweatshirt and pants. Add your lobster hat and you’re all set to go!

Your DIY lobster costume is a great way to stand out this Halloween! Whether you’re getting creative with your family or friends, it’s a unique and affordable costume that is sure to make a splash!

For those seeking a creative and unique idea for Halloween this year, a “Do It Yourself” lobster costume is the perfect project. With only a few simple items, you can create your own exquisite costume that’s sure to turn heads and get everyone talking.

To start, you will need two large sheets of red poster board, two thin orange pieces of poster board, a pair of red paper bags, some large red balloons, some craft glue, and two pairs of scissors. Additionally, you will need two pieces of elastic, one to measure about 6-8 inches and another about 10-12 inches. Finally, you’ll need some silver pipecleaners.

Begin by cutting out the poster board into shape of the fins and the tail of a lobster. Make sure to cut out two of each piece. Once both pieces have been cut out, glue together one of each pair to make one large lobster fin and tail.

Next, take the red paper bags and cut the long handles off of each bag. Stuff the empty bags with the red balloons and use the leftover handles to tie the bags at the top. This will be the body of your lobster costume.

Now, attach the lobster fins and tail to the top of the paper bags. You can use the shorter piece of elastic to hold the fins securely in place. The longer piece of elastic can be used to attach the tail and the body together.

Finally, to complete the costume, use the pipe cleaners to make a pair of lobster claws. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner in half and create an ‘X’ design. Attach one piece of the ‘X’ onto the bottom corner of each fin and use the remaining four pieces to connect the two parts together, forming a claw. Secure the claws to the costume using the extra pieces of orange poster board.

At the end of this simple and clever project, you will have a unique and fun costume that is sure to turn heads at your next Halloween party. So grab your supplies and get ready to show off your DIY lobster costume!

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