do it yourself heathers costume

do it yourself heathers costume


Are there any tips for creating an authentic Heathers look?

Heathers is a popular cult classic film from the 1980s that still holds its charm today. The movie follows the vicious dynamics of high school cliques, as Veronica, a high school junior, tries to navigate her way through the social hierarchy. One aspect of the film that has remained in trend over the years is the fashion. The costumes in Heathers, specifically those of the titular clique, are edgy, stylish, and unmistakable. If you’re looking for a unique and quirky Halloween costume, why not go as a Heathers character? With some DIY magic, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Here is how you can easily create your DIY Heathers costume:

## Step 1 – Pick Your Character

Before you start to put your costume together, you need to choose which character you want to emulate. Each of the Heathers girls – Heather Chandler, Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara – have distinctive styles that set them apart. Take inspiration from your favorite fashion icon and pick out a corresponding Heathers character. Once you’ve selected your desired character, start your outfit preparation.

## Step 2 – Key Costume Pieces

Heather Chandler, the ringleader of the clique, is known for her stark black outfits and power suits. For a Chandler-inspired costume, opt for a sleek black blazer or dress, and pair it with a white blouse. Knee-high black boots and a white ribbon choker will complete the look.

Heather Duke is similar in her fashion sense, but with a darker twist. For a Duke-inspired costume, look for black tights, a black mini skirt, and a black turtleneck. Complete the outfit with a pair of chunky black boots and a statement silver necklace.

Finally, Heather McNamara has a softer and more feminine style than her counterparts. For a McNamara-inspired costume, wear a pastel-colored dress with ruffles and frills, paired with white flats and a pearl bracelet. Any of these outfits will make you stand out at your next Halloween party.

## Step 3 – Accessories Galore

Accessories can make or break your Heathers costume. Each character has signature accessories that elevate their outfit to the next level. For Heather Chandler, add a pair of black sunglasses and a red scrunchie to your hair. For Heather Duke, put on a black beanie that covers your ears or black leather gloves. McNamara accessorizes with a pink hair scrunchy and a gold bracelet.

## Step 4 – Make-up

Heathers make-up is an essential part of the costume. Chandler and Duke opt for the dramatic winged liner and red lipstick, while McNamara embraces a softer look. Keep your eye makeup understated with light pastel shades, and then finish off with the signature red lipstick for a Heather Chandler-inspired look.

In conclusion, with minimal effort and an eye for details, you can recreate your favorite Heathers costume from the comfort of your own home. So, pick your character, gather your outfit pieces, and enjoy creating your perfect Heathers costume. Happy Halloween!

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