do it yourself costumes for tweens

do it yourself costumes for tweens

Do it yourself

What materials are needed for creating DIY costumes for tweens?

DIY Costumes for Tweens

Tweens, or children between the ages of 9 and 12 years old, are in a stage where they are figuring out their interests, likes, and dislikes. They may also be too old for typical kiddie costumes but too young for adult costumes. One of the best solutions is to create original DIY costumes with your tween. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also provides a bonding experience. Here are some do-it-yourself costume ideas for tweens:

1. Superheroes

Who doesn’t love superheroes? Tweens can make their costumes by using colored clothing or creating patterned designs with fabric paint. For example, a red t-shirt with a blue cape and yellow lightning bolts will make a perfect Flash costume. A plain green or black t-shirt with a stitched logo can be a Green Lantern costume. Pair it with some leggings or shorts, and voila! Your tween is ready to save the day.

2. 80s Pop Star

The iconic 80s fashion never goes out of style. For this costume, look for brightly colored clothes, and add some neon colors. A denim or leather jacket with gold or silver studs, legwarmers, and sunglasses will take the costume to the next level. Tweens can finish the look with a wild and curly hairstyle and some bright makeup.

3. Classic Horror

Classic horror characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy will always be a hit when it comes to Halloween. These costumes are easier to make, as tweens can use ordinary clothes and props found at home, such as old clothes, shoes, bandages, and makeup. With some contact lenses, and a little creativity, the costumes will be spooky and scarily good for Halloween.

4. Safari Explorer

A safari explorer costume will take the tween on an adventure to the savanna. Utilize khakis, vests, hats, and boots for the costume. Tweens can create their own binoculars by pasting two toilet paper tubes, painting them brown or khaki, and adding a black string to hang them from their necks. Adding a toy compass and map will complete the look.

5. Wonderland Characters

Alice in Wonderland and other characters from Lewis Carroll’s classic book are a favorite amongst tweens. Designing a costume is easy with thrift store finds or simply a dress and some accessories such as a watch, hairpiece, or headband for Alice. A coat, top hat, and pocket watch can make for a great Mad Hatter costume. Tweens can make a ribbon bow for the Cheshire Cat or paint a design on a plain dress for the Queen of Hearts.

In conclusion, creating DIY costumes with tweens is a fun and rewarding experience that promotes creativity, resourcefulness, and most of all, bonding. With these ideas, your tween will make a spectacular costume that will be the talk of the Halloween party. By encouraging them to design their costumes, you can turn this into a fun educational experience that helps them develop their imagination, arts skills, and so much more!

It’s that time of year again for costume parties, but finding costumes for tweens can be difficult. Buying costumes from stores or online are great options, but these can be pricey. Savvy parents can find a more cost effective solution by making do it yourself (DIY) costumes for their tween.

The most important factor for a successful DIY costume is to consider your tween’s individual style. Brainstorm what the child may want to be and consider the level of difficulty of creating it. Decide whether you want to buy items or just repurpose items from the house.

For the tween who loves animals, use some inspiration and creativity to turn them into a silly kangaroo with items from home. Sew a handful of pom-poms to an old sweat suit as the pouch and create kangaroo ears and a tail from felt. You could have them wear old tennis shoes and say “hop on the halloween scene.”

There are countless superhero options for tweens to choose from. If your tween loves being Catwoman, find an all black outfit, add a tail, ears, and let your tween go wild with face paint. If your tween wants to be Spiderman, head to the local thrift store for a red and blue bodysuit and then find a mask online to complete the look.

Tweens may also want to go for a classic witch, vampire, or Frankenstein costume. For the witch, find a black dress or cape to wear. Add some witch accessories from a Halloween store and find a classic hat for a unique twist. For vampires, the store bought costumes are great, but it can also be fun to make a custom look by painting a black outfit with red designs. Get creative by adding a couple of felt bat wings and a vampire mask to complete the look.

Making DIY costumes for tweens this Halloween can be a fun way to get creative together. Let your Tween brainstorm ideas and help bring their vision to life. Get creative with items from the house for a cost-effective and unique costume.

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