do it yourself bob ross costume

do it yourself bob ross costume

Bob Ross

Are there any tutorials or guides available for creating a Bob Ross costume?

Do It Yourself Bob Ross Costume

Bob Ross is a beloved painter and television personality known for his calming demeanor and signature afro. If you’re looking to dress up as the iconic artist for Halloween or a costume party, why not create your own DIY Bob Ross costume? Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

  • Button-up denim shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Brown loafers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Palette and paints (optional)
  • Blonde wig (optional)


  1. Start with a button-up denim shirt. Bob Ross was known for wearing these frequently on his show.
  2. Pair the shirt with some simple blue jeans.
  3. Bob Ross often wore brown loafers. If you don’t have a pair, any brown shoes will do.
  4. Carry a few paintbrushes. You can pretend you’re about to start painting some happy little trees.
  5. To take things up a notch, bring a palette and some paints. This is optional, but it will certainly complete the look.
  6. Finally, to really sell the costume, add a curly blonde wig. Bob Ross’s iconic afro is what he’s most well-known for.

And voila – with a little creativity and some simple clothing items, you’ll own the look of the happy-go-lucky painter himself. Your DIY Bob Ross costume will surely make anyone smile. And who knows? You may even inspire others to pick up a paintbrush and create something beautiful themselves.

Bob Ross, the much-loved American painter and television host of The Joy of Painting, has been an indelible presence in the art world for decades. Many people have admired Bob for his laid-back demeanor and encouraging words. For Halloween, why not honor the art educator and entertainer with a Do-It-Yourself Bob Ross costume?

To recreate Bob Ross’s signature look of a permed blonde wig, dress shirt, and blue jeans, you’ll need basic and inexpensive materials. Begin with the wig—a bulk wig in your preferred shade of blonde can be purchased from any costume shop or ordered online. The key to taking on Ross’s persona lies in the hair’s permed curls—they can be added to the wig for an authentic touch. To complete the look of Bob’s face, apply a few strokes of blush to bring out the rosy hue of his cheeks and a dab of bright red lipstick.

For Bob’s outfit, all you need is a white long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. Remember to keep them simple and a bit baggy for a classic, non-creased look. Accessorize the costume with a paint palette, brushes, and a bottle of “Liquid White,” Bob’s favorite paint. If you are feeling extra creative, you might even attempt to draw a picture of Bob’s famous “happy little trees.”

Ready to take on Bob’s look this Halloween? Whether you just ace the costume or create an incredible artwork in the same manner as Bob, you will be sure to meet his standards of “happy accidents” and be the life of the party. Have a happy Halloween!

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