do it yourself baby lion costume

do it yourself baby lion costume


Are there any special techniques or stitches required to make a baby lion costume?

Do It Yourself Baby Lion Costume

Are you looking for a unique and adorable costume for your baby’s next Halloween or dress-up party? Look no further than a DIY baby lion costume! Not only will your little one look absolutely precious, but it’s also an easy and affordable project that you can make at home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A yellow or light brown onesie or shirt and pants
  • A thin brown or black ribbon
  • Two pieces of felt in yellow or orange
  • Two pieces of white felt
  • A headband
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard

Step 1: Create the Mane

Cut the two pieces of yellow or orange felt into long strips, about 1-2 inches wide. Cut the white felt into small circles, around the size of a quarter. Using the glue gun, attach the circles onto the felt strips, spacing them out evenly.

Once all the circles are attached, glue one end of each strip onto the headband. Wrap the strips around the headband, overlapping each strip slightly, until the entire headband is covered.

Step 2: Tail and Ears

Cut a thin piece of cardboard into an oval shape, about the size of a hand. Cut the yellow or orange felt into a shape that will cover the cardboard oval, leaving a small amount of excess felt around the edges.

Using the glue gun, attach the excess felt to the back of the cardboard oval. Then, glue the tail onto the back of the onesie or shirt, near the bottom.

For the ears, cut two pieces of yellow or orange felt into triangular shapes. Cut two smaller triangles out of the white felt and glue them onto the ears. Glue the ears onto the headband, near the mane.

Step 3: Face

Using the ribbon, tie a bow around your baby’s neck like a collar. Cut two more white circles out of the felt and glue them onto the collar.

For the nose and whiskers, draw them onto the baby’s cheeks and nose using a brown or black eyeliner pencil.

And there you have it, a simple and cute baby lion costume that’s sure to make your child the center of attention at any party. Enjoy creating this fun and easy project for your little one!

Fall has arrived and along with it comes the opportunity to get creative with costumes. If you’re a fan of wild animals and want to make a statement this Halloween season, you may want to consider a Do-It-Yourself baby lion costume. This easy to craft costume will make a unique and fun impression, leaving your family and friends roaring with admiration.

To create your own baby lion costume, you will need basic craft supplies like felt, cardboard, paint, sequins, ribbon, and a glue gun. Start by tracing the shape of your child’s torso onto cardboard, then trace a separate piece of cardboard for the head. Make ears with fuzzy felt and using the glue gun stick them onto the hood. Cut out felt in a darker lion-coloured tone and fit it onto the neck and body of the costume. You can get creative by adding sparkly sequins for extra flare and sparkle. Once attached, put the head and torso pieces together and attach a ribbed ribbon to keep them in place.

To complete the costume, let the fur of the lion’s mane fall gracefully off the headpiece. Cut some strips of the darker felt and glue one end of the strips to the hood. You can also add some lion-coloured buttons to the costume to create a complete look.

Now it’s time to have fun! The options to complete the costume are endless. You can also accessorize with a tail, a toy stuffed lion and felt paw mittens to bring your costume to life and make it even more realistic. Your child will be sure to stand out this Halloween with a majestic and beautiful costume.

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